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KAT-TUN Community
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All Members , Moderated

Name: Kamenashi Kazuya
Birthday: 1986.02.23
Blood type: B
Special skills: Baseball
Name: Taguchi Junnosuke
Birthday: 1985.11.29
Blood type: AB
Special skills: だじゃれ (puns!)
Name: Tanaka Koki
Birthday: 1985.11.05
Blood type: B
Special skills: Rap
Name: Ueda Tatsuya
Birthday: 1983.10.04
Blood type:B
Special skills: Boxing
Name: Nakamaru Yuichi
Birthday: 1983.09.04
Blood type: O
Special skills: Beatboxing

Rules in: arabic | Suomi | Français | Deutsch | italian | portuguese | russian | spanish | tagalog | turkish

    Misc. Rules
  1. No bashing of any KAT-TUN members (current, former, or in between)! This includes:
    • polls such as "Who's the best singer?", "Who is the best looking?", etc.
    • Hate/dislike memes

  2. No bashing of any community members. No posting anything that can be considered racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory (this includes comments). We have many people from different countries and/or cultures. Please respect that. Discrimination will lead to a ban from the community.

  3. No excessive profanity. No porn (or anything remotely similar). No plagiarism. Do not repost fanworks (e.g. translations) without explicit permission.

  4. No TROLLING! If any member is caught trolling, they will be banned immediately, and their name will be put on a list for other JE communities to watch out for.

  5. No stealing. Any member found to be copying, stealing or plagiarising another person's work in any way, shape or form without permission will be banned from the community without warning.

  6. Do not disable comments unless given permission from a mod. If you are caught with comments disabled, the post will be deleted automatically and you will be given a warning. Screening comments will only be allowed with permission by a moderator.

  7. Regarding LiveJournal cuts:
    • All images larger than 320px (in width) must be kept under the cut, as are all scans, graphics, embedded videos, embedded audio, spoilers etc.
    • Only three images TOTAL can be shown outside out of the cut, regardless if they are graphics, emotes, or pictures.
      • If you are posting more than one wallpaper or non-icon graphic, put each one on a separate line.
      • If you are going to post icons and wallpaper(s)/non-icon graphics together, make sure that the icons are on one line, and the wallpapers/graphics are on another.
      • The TOTAL width of images on a single line should NOT be over 320px.

  8. Font sizes and/or colors should be left at the default setting, no bigger; no smaller. Not everyone likes to see hot pink font size+20 on their friends page. No StIcKy CaPs either. If your post has either of these things, your post will be deleted immediately. Default font size in rich text editor is "small".

  9. Regarding tracker URLs (e.g. money-making links):
    • No tracker URLs are allowed unless they're for charity. In the case of charity links, you must include valid proof that they're for charity.
    • If tracker sites are used, an original link (e.g. non-tracked) must be provided. It must also be explicitly said that links are from tracker sites.
    • If you are caught posting a tracker url without the alternate links and/or proof that the tracker is charity related AND disabled comments, you will be suspended for 3 months and then put on moderated posting until after the next single/album release.

  10. Regarding friends locked posts: You can make a "friends locked" post to the community, but if you are posting a link to an entry in your personal journal or to another LJ community, that entry needs to be public. This is a fan community, not a popularity contest. Making people friend you or to join your community just so they can download something from you is rude. Don't do it. However, we will allow it if the linked post remains public for at least three days.

  11. Member warning:
    • If someone who is not a mod tries to warn you that your post and/or comment is against the rules, do not give them a hard time. They're trying to help you. If you think they're lying, or that they're being an ass, feel free to contact a mod. We'll take care of it from there.
    • If you are trying to help warn a member about their post/comment, do not be rude about it. Try to keep it friendly, or at least polite. If the person you're trying to help is rude to you, do not respond to them. Tell a mod. We will handle it from there.

  12. Once you have posted, please tag your post properly using the already given tags.

  13. If you say in your post "If this is inappropriate, mods, please delete" or anything remotely similar, we will delete it. And without warning or notification. Saying that just goes to show you have not read the rules.
  14. 14. DO NOT post any rips from official Johnnys video websites such as JNET or takiCHANnel. A link to the video is fine.
Last Updated: March 20th, 2011


The following is a list of all the moderators at this community (past and present) and their respective management areas. Feel free to contact them via LiveJournal PM if you have a question:

angel_9_lives - general questions
jacinthe86: Sales
gensou_alice: Fanfiction + Layout
allure_xpo: Introduction Posts
shemeno: Requests Posts
estherzax: general questions
gensou_alice: appearance + layout bug fixes
harukana_linzi: tagging & fan directory
shizumaki: twitter team


amestyle - co-founder
CLUBBOX Tutorials:

- By Miss Chan
- By __Aishuu


- Images: gensou_alice
- Original Layout Coding: Refuted
- Edited by: gensou_alice

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