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21st-Apr-2015 08:37 am - Legal High SP 2 DVD Extras

not sure if I do this right bc it is my first post here.
I bought the Legal High SP 2 DVD while I was in Japan.
And here are the *Extras* from DVD 2.



I have 1 extra ticket for the Tokyo Dome LIVE on Sat 9th May. If anyone is interested in it at the original price of 8,500yen, please PM me.

**no longer available**
11th-Apr-2015 07:58 pm - [Banners/Headers] KAT-TUN
[12] Twitter Headers
[12] Banners

HERE at art_of_clarity
19th-Mar-2015 10:04 pm - [Lyrics] Kiss Kiss Kiss Single
Hi! I got a present for everyone! Here are the kanji and romaji lyrics for KAT-TUN's latest single, KISS KISS KISS! <3 I'm only done with 5/7 but I will be updating this once I am done with the 2 other songs :D Please go easy on me since it's my first time doing this and I am not fluent in Japanese so there might be mistakes~~ Feel free to correct them for me! :D
And oh, I am planning to translate them too but we'll see if I get more time XD But if you want to do it, then go ahead! I will appreciate that! :D
I made eng subs for the 29.01.2015 VS Arashi with Kame as guest.
It can be found here
1st-Mar-2015 11:59 am - Baby love (Doujin PiKame)
Junba winter hug
Title: Baby Love
Circle: Sannen Udegumi
Pairing: Kameanshi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa aka Kiritani Shuji/ Kusano Akira
Rating: Hard R I guess....


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