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hi I'm selling all my magazines like Myojo, Popolo and my complete TV Guide, TV Life and Weekly Television collection. Also some clippings.
I'm thinking of selling some more of my KAT-TUN stuff, will ad them here then.

Links to the sales under the cut

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I’ve made timing to KAT-TUN’s concerts Come Here (in Yoyogi) and Countdown 2013-2014, and I plan to timing other concerts from Come Here tour (Tokyo International Forum and Countdown 2014-2015). By myself I can’t translate it from Japanese, so I hope here I can find somebody, who can do it =))
FT Island

[Subtitled] - 2015.04.17 KAT-TUN No Sekaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 1

2015.04. Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 1 in Ishigaki Island

[TV] 20150417 Tame Tabi Episode 1 - 60m SP in Ishigaki (44m59s)(1280X720)(KAL)_001_1818.png


  • Kame hits on girl customers. Earns the name 'bed idol'.

  • Nakamaru negotiates like a pro.

  • Ueda's voiceover!!!

  • Junno has a freakout over a snake!

Download Link: Here

[Lyrics] Kiss Kiss Kiss Single

Hi! I got a present for everyone! Here are the kanji and romaji lyrics for KAT-TUN's latest single, KISS KISS KISS! <3 I'm only done with 5/7 but I will be updating this once I am done with the 2 other songs :D Please go easy on me since it's my first time doing this and I am not fluent in Japanese so there might be mistakes~~ Feel free to correct them for me! :D
And oh, I am planning to translate them too but we'll see if I get more time XD But if you want to do it, then go ahead! I will appreciate that! :D