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[MOD] Support K-T-TUN Project (adding on)

Since there's been some confusion, and some good points brought up, here's a lil added note to the 'Support K-T-TUN Postcard Project'.

1) THIS POST is the 'Support K-T-TUN' project.

THIS POST is the 'Support Jin' project.

Sorry for the confusion about that...

2) Members have brought up some really good point about how overprotective Johnny is of his boys, so instead of possibly getting this comm in trouble, do NOT put '' on the postcards.

DO put 'KAT-TUN (heart)'.

(heart) = draw a heart. (sorry, just making sure it's understood x_x;;)

The rest of the rules remain the same :X Keep the message the SAME on each postcard. Write it in your OWN language, and english (if english isn't your native language). If you can write it in Japanese, that's great, but if you can't it's ok. Don't worry about it^_^

Hope that clears some things up ^_^;;

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