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MOD: Support Jin Project~!

Okay, it's about 4:00 am over here where I am, but this has to be done because it's important. :) As you might know, our lovely community is holding a huge (and international) SUPPORT JIN project. However, one of the key things we need for this project is the fan address for KAT-TUN c/o Johnny's Entertainment... I remember someone posting it in a comment last month (I think), so hopefully it'll pop up again.

Besides our SUPPORT JIN bit, we are also planning a side SUPPORT KT-TUN project. ^^ So for our SUPPORT KT-TUN project, here is what's happening.

Basically, to those who want to support KT-TUN, buy 5 postcards of where you live and on the postcard, write a short supportive message to each of the other five members in English and their own language. At the bottom of the postcard, it must say: KAT-TUN ♥ (heart). ^^

So in summary:

KAT-TUN (*kat-tun member's name here*) ファンクラブ


KAT-TUN (Kat-tun member name here) Fan Club
c/o Johnny's Family Club
2F Koen-dori Bldg
1-19-10 Jinnan
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Johnny's Family Club
KAT-TUN (*kat-tun member's name here*) Fan Club
Miyamasu Tower B1F
Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-10-10

  1. Buy five postcards that show a photo of where you live. For example, if you live in Paris, buy a postcard with the Effiel Tower on the back. In Toronto, the CN Tower or the Niagara Falls. In Tokyo, the big red shiny radio tower. :DDD Etcetera etcetera.
  2. Write a supportive message to Kamenashi Kazuya, Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Tatsuya Ueda and Nakamaru Yuichi. Your message must include "We love you" in, at least, English and in your own respective native language. The message must also be the same for each member, but the postcards do not have to be the same for each member (though it would be nice to because then it would be easier for them to tell that that sort of postcard all came from one person and stuff. :) Also, you can write the main message in whatever language you want to, as long as you write the same message on each card.
  3. Include a side note on the postcard that says KAT-TUN ♥ (heart)
That should be it. :) Any questions, feel free to leave a commment here.

P.S. Angel, I think I mentioned everything you said. :)
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