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Hi! I'm new to this community as well as to LJ! >< But i have been lurking around here for awhile! I've been a KAT-TUN fan since....not long ago but it doesn't seem like it! XD I'm filling up my disk space with pictures, clips and My favorite is Ueda!!! Then Maru and Kame! ^^ I don't have much to offer except some scans of the "KAT-TUN 1st. in New York" photo book. I know it's old but it's still KAT-TUN right? ^^ I'll scan some stuff  and post them later or tomorrow! ^^

EDIT: I scanned the things that cover the cover...O.O (forgot what they're called and is too
sleepy to think about it...>_>) you may use them but PLEASE do credit!! ><

Enjoy! ^^






ok...i just have to point this out...WHAT is Jin wearing in that first pic?? O.O

anyways, hope you enjoyed! ^^ And please comment and/or credit if you take any! ^^
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