Jessi (norinori_junno) wrote in kattunlove,

newbie here!

Hello! I'm new to this community, and to LJ as well, so please be patient with me! Just wanted to say hello to everyone!

I bring icons as peace offerings XD...I'm not very good (still a beginner, IT is down so I can't get reviews in my thread, so sorry if they could use improvement!)

Please comment and tell me what you think...? Constructive Criticism is always welcome! If you want one, please just let me know and try to credit...Please don't modify or hot-link ^.^ Thank you!

[1] Kame
[2] Jin
[7] Junno
[2] Koki
[2] Ueda
[1] Maru
[1] Group

123456789101112131415 aaawww, so little Maru...:( I love him, I really do *runs off to make maru avvies*
16 Sorry! I couldn't help myself!

I don't mind if anyone uses any, but just be forewarned that I might use them too, so unless you don't mind possible overlapping...

I don't remember where I got the resources. I will be sure to credit once I refind everything!

Meh, forgive my style, it's wierd, I'm trying to change it...but, please, comments and reviews are love! ^.^

~much love~
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