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[Fic] Painted Nails - Chapter 6: The Gray Foreboding Trepidation

I know I've put this off for ages, but really, reality caught up with me and demanded my time. It's so depressing. :( Even holidays can't offer any time and space for creative brainstorming and outputting. Not to mention the demanding uni schedule and programmes. *sigh* But it's finally here. And thanks again to those who haven't been disheartened by the delay and those who've helped me kept the story going. Ganbarimasu~!

Title : Painted Nails - Chapter 6: The Gray Foreboding Trepidation
Author: Ardentsinner
Pairing: maruda
Genre : romance/drama
Rating : PG-13 (reader’s discretion for sexual innuendos)
Flame : No, please. But constructive criticism is appreciated
Summary: Oh, no! What did Maru see, what did he find out? And it seems Ueda had said ‘yes’ to something. Just what is going on?!
A.N. : Oh…I wish I do, but I don’t own any of the KAT-TUN boys, but in this fic, I make them do things. Hehehe! Thanks a tonne to [Bad username: trague] for helping me beta this. *sigh* Who would’ve thought that maintaining fic could be so tiring.

Italics are thoughts.
//italics// are flashbacks.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 6

edit: I think I've corrected the errors, it should be available now. Sorry~!
Tags: fanfiction: masterlists
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