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Hey there!

I have an idea for an akame fic, I would love to give prompts to someone. Thing is, I don't know who would be willing to wright it? ...So, I decided to ask! \^0^)/ ....and if there's is no one who wants to, that's okay too! ^-^

But yup! I will actually share my idea if someone is available to write it. so if anyone's looking for inspiration for an akame fic ...please let me know in the comments. ^^

...Oh, and p.s. the tribute below has nothing to do with the actual idea I have in mind really. I just love this MV is why I put it here! ^v^

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Hmmmmm this a very, very interesting idea and I like it a lot! I might tweak some things here and there as I will be writing it. You will have to forgive though because it will most likely take some time to finish it, I'm kinda slow when it comes to writing plus RL tends to be hectic some times.
You can send me PMs if you want to know how it's going or have thought of something new to add or even to remind me if case I've forgotten about it :)

Gokusen got me in the fandom when I first watched yeeeears ago so I think to pay a tribute to it again :D