DarkGhost (darkghost4e) wrote in kattunlove,

Yay! Kame starring in 2018 TV Movie!!! *\(=n_n=)/*

Hi guys!^^)/

So I just recently found out about this... I REALLY hope I'm not the last person to just be finding out about this?! 0_o

lol, but yeah so anyway, my beloved Kame-chan is starring in 2018 TV movie... Tegami: Keigo Higashino! *\(^0^)/*

Like OMG! I'm really so excited, especially 'cause I haven't really been able to find out a lot about it. Hey I would love to start some good discussions about this!!! ...you know like, theorizing about who else will be in it, something unexpected that could happen... idk ^^.

Oh and if anybody knows ANYTHING about this movie... like when it's coming out? how long is it? ...you know -anything- pleeeeease!!! Be sure to let me know in comments section! m(n_n)m


Tags: discussion: general, member: kamenashi kazuya, news & info: general

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