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KAT-TUN's return! Discussion Post

So I know everyone has already heard and started celebrating already, but finally...KAT-TUN is back!!! Whoooop!! I'm utterly ashamed that I haven't been around more recently (at least with update posts) but I'll do my best to get things going around here again...and with that in mind, what better way to start things off than with a discussion post!!!

Feel free to flail and gush and discuss KAT-TUN past, present, and most importantly future! Just a few ideas to get the ball rolling (you don't need to answer any of these, they're just thinking points).

  • What do you think of 'Ask Yourself'?

  • What kind of songs would you like to hear KAT-TUN releasing more of now they're back?

  • Any older songs you'd love to hear 3nin versions of?

  • Do you have any concerns that you'd like to see KAT-TUN overcome?

  • What other projects would you like to see the boys taking part in? Either individually or as a group...

  • If they were to get a variety show again sometime in the future, what kind of show do you think would be fun?

Please share your thoughts and excitement with the rest of us here at kattunlove, but please keep it friendly, no bashing of either KAT-TUN or comm members!
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