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VS Arashi ft. Kame

Hey guys. Hoping someone might be able to help me track down a subbed version of VS Arashi where Kame appeared as their plus one.

“[2013.05.16] Kamenashi Kazuya vs AB Blood Type Team”

I know it exists! In fact, I know it’s even been professionally done as I saw it months ago on Australian TV (SBS Viceland). But since I can’t find that (and SBS doesn’t have VS Arashi on demand) I’ve been trying to track down a fansub version. I’ve found one where the subs don’t line up properly and the text is only done in small white, so it’s a nightmare to read.

Everything else is locked to old Arashi subbing groups where it seems they’re no longer checking membership requests.

So does anyone know of any communities with this file where they are still accepting members? Or does anyone just have this episode and be willing to send it my way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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