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[Tutorial] How to buy "Otsukare Thanks" from Recochoku

I have created tutorials for how to buy "Otsukare Thanks" from both Amazon JP and Recochoku.
Go here to view the tutorial for Amazon JP.

Here's a summary of both so you can decide which option is better for you.:
Amazon- International credit cards will not work as payment. Those living outside of Japan will need to use an Amazon JP gift card as payment. You will be able to download the song to your computer after purchasing. The song download is in mp3 format with a variable average bit rate of 283 kbps.

Recochoku- Song can be bought through the mobile website or Japanese Nintendo 3DS Recochoku store only. You can not buy on the regular website. International credit cards will work as payment. For Iphone users the song can only be played through the Recochoku plus music player app available only through the Japanese app store so you'll need a Japanese Itunes ID. For android phones, I'm not sure what the process is. The song is downloaded to the app in m4a format in either 128 or 320 kbps.

A VPN needs to be used for purchasing at either stores if you're overseas.

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1. You'll need to create an account at

Click on My パージ in the top right corner.

Click on the link to go to the log-in page.

The right-hand side is to create a new account.

The top link is to create an account using an e-mail address.

Fill in your personal information and once you click on the button to register, you're finished with creating a recochoku account.

2. "Otsukare Thanks" is available for purchase on the Recochoku mobile website only so you have to go to the song page on your phone browser:
Before going to the website, turn off location services on your phone and use a VPN with a Japan location option to hide your IP address if you're outside Japan. I used TunnelBear as my VPN but any VPN that has Japan as a location option should work.
The song can also be purchased at the Recochoku 3DS store if you have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS. I don't have a Japanese 3DS so I can't provide any further info on that.

3. Once you're at the "Otsukare Thanks" song page click on the 250yen link to purchase

4. There's a number of payment options but for those outside Japan the credit card option is your best bet. International cards are accepted if you have a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card.

5. You'll need to be logged into your Recochoku account to continue with payment. Once you put in your credit card information. Clicking on the pink button will purchase the song and you should get directed to a confirmation page.

6. So now that you've bought the song, to listen to it you'll need to install the Recochoku+ music player app which is only available in the Japanese app store. If you're an Iphone user, you can look at this tutorial on how to create a Japan Itunes account. FYI, a Tenso address and phone number will work as the Japan address and phone number when creating the Itunes account. I'm not sure how it works for Android phones, so if anyone has an Android phone and is able to download the Recochoku+ music player app, it would be great if you can share the process.

7. Once you have a Japan Itunes account, download the Recochoku app, login with your Recochoku account and you'll be able to play Otsukare Thanks.

The song is in .m4a format and can be downloaded to the app at either 128 or 320kbps.

If you are able to, please consider supporting Nakamaru by purchasing the song.
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