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[MOD] January Update Post

Sorry for the delay with this months update post!

General Updates:

  • Ueda has been cast in the drama Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito which will start on January 22nd. It's based on the 2015 special of the same name and is about a detective that has lost all of his senses other than sight

  • Taguchi's website has been updated to feature pictures from his collaboration with Hombre Nino - a clothing brand for which Taguchi will be modelling the Spring 2017 collection


  • INKT are once again the only group with Lives this month so I'll just link to their tour page rahter than copy them out

Community Updates:

  • jinkamelicious has shared all of KAT-TUN's  singles from 2006-2016 here

  • yamashooon shared this article about Jin mentioning Kame at his live in Macau and janniepannie commented with a rough summary of the article

  • janisuta shared a video of Ueda's recent trip to Indonesia

  • spinelie shared her reaction video to Choo Choo Shitain, watch it here

  • KAT-TUN MANIA fansubteam have subbed the epiode of Another Sky on which Nakamaru was a guest, post is now locked but can be found here

  • radiostuff is selling a variety of KAT-TUN goods including CDs, DVDs and various concert merchandise. Go here for pictures/details

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