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[translation] 24hr Terebi - Jin's letter (part 2)

And here are KT-TUN’s reactions to Jin's letter. Not much to say except awwww. ♥

Announcer: Akanishi-kun wrote this for us in secret. Koki-kun, how was it?

Koki: Um, that kind of – he's never spoken so seriously. [everyone laughs] I felt kind of like "Oh, so that's how he was seeing me."

Announcer: How do you see Akanishi-kun?

Koki: What?

Announcer: How do you see Akanishi-kun?

Koki: Ah, he’s helped me incredibly. I see several different sides of him.

Announcer: I see. Nakamaru-kun.

Nakamaru: No, although it's been 8 years since I first met Akanishi, it's almost like I just met him again. I've never been told anything in a way like this letter, so I was incredibly touched. Yes.

Announcer: Ueda-kun.

Ueda: Yeah, I feel like we were able to hear Akanishi's true thoughts. If you think about it, we do fight the most, don't we. Even so we became good friends. Right? I think we were hearing something from the bottom of his heart.

Announcer: Juukanji. Juuchan. Taguchi-kun. *

Junno: Akanishi is the one I've been hanging out with for the longest since I entered the jimusho, so of course he's really been a support to me, too. That's what it's been like up until now, and from here on, I'd like to be able to always keep going hand in hand.

Announcer: The one who was mentioned first, Kamenashi.

Kame: With Akanishi, there's several... No matter what we're doing, we face it together and share experiences. It happens a lot. Akanishi and I really expose our weaknesses to each other. When it gets down to the wire, in emergencies, I always talk with him, I think. Even though a lot has happened recently, in the end, he's been talking with me... Well, for a long time we’ve been together a lot, and so from now on, as we encourage each other, I'd like to be able to go on firmly building up this relationship.

Announcer: These are good bonds KAT-TUN has with each other.

* I admit, he lost me here. Everyone laughed, so... I guess it was a joke? Are those supposed to be nicknames for Taguchi or something? o_o

Edit: Fixed! mienai2401 has better ears than me. :D Thanks!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it! If anyone wants to use the translation for subs or something, let me know and I'll brush it up and add the little announcements before they sing and whatnot. I also want to say thank you to everyone who commented/will comment - it totally makes it worthwhile!

Actually, while I'm at it, are there any other parts of 24hr TV anyone particularly wants translated? I'm enjoying myself. :D
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