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LOOK AT THIS. Actually, you are looking at it already.

Nyah~ This new layout looks so gorgeous! I am so proud of myself. XDDD Yes, new layout for our growing community, kattunlove while everyone is still downloading 24-hour TV and stuff. Okay, I've got not much else to say, so on to the credits and stuff. :)

Credits to boys_paper for the above scan.
Credits to dearest for the tiled background.
Credits to premade_ljs for the coding. (Tweaked quite heavily by me though. O___O)

Anyways, hope you guys like it. It's so colourful and stuff. So rabu. :D Like always, if you guys have any viewing problems, do comment and stuff. :) Also, I think it might solve a few problems if you get rid of the stupid grey LJ navigation bar at the top.

Edit: Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention that we have a new rule to the community. #7 on the sidebar. :D We mods pulled that one up after looking at the huge 24-hour TV post with twenty million links. :D Also, if you look further down the sidebar, there's a section called Featured, which means all the links there are all really important or really notable posts. For example, that huge 24-hour TV download post, which I bet has gotten everyone annoyed that they have to go back a few pages and stuff. :D Okay. I'm done now. :D (So many smilies. o____o")
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