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24hrTV News from Japan-Zone.Com

Here's a summary (and end total donation amount!) of the 24hrTV special from -

"The weekend saw the annual 24-hour TV marathon on NTV. This year's theme was "kizuna" (ties), which led to some smaltzy but also some genuinely moving segments. One particularly sad documentary saw actress Hirosue Ryoko visit the site of the 2004 massacre at the school in Beslan, Russia in which over 340 people died, more than half of them children. It looked at the stories of some of the children who survived the horrific ordeal. On a lighter note, the centerpiece of the show is always a long-distance run by a celebrity, and this year it was the turn of Japan's lankiest comedy duo, Ungirls. If ever there was a pair who looked like they couldn't manage 100m, let alone 100km, it's these two. As always seems to happen, they managed to arrive at the Nippon Budokan right on time for the end of the show. But it's all for a good cause. The charity event, which managed a second-best ever average audience rating of 17.7% in the Kanto region, brought in almost ¥300 million in donations." (Why no mention of KAT-TUN?!)

That equates to $2,569,561.24 USD or 2,004,073.75 EUR. :o *DIES*

Congratulations (and thank you), KAT-TUN, for all of your hard work (and also a thank you to everyone who donated/watched it live, though none of you will ever see this ♥). If an American benefit made 2 million dollars, it'd be fantastic, let ALONE a relatively much smaller country like Japan doing it. Congratulations, again. LET'S BE PROUD OF OUR BOYS. :D
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