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[translation] 24hr Terebi - Jin's letter (part 1)

Here's a quick translation of Jin's letter to KAT-TUN near the end of 24 Hour Television. The segment can be downloaded from apinkmaru's clubbox - it's the segment named "KAT-TUN no Kizuna". I'm doing this in two parts cause I've kind of in a hurry right now. This part is the letter itself, I'm about halfway done translating the member's comments (yes, yes, I know all you Akame fans want to know what Kame said XD) and I'll finish them up later today if no one else translates it first.

Enjoy. :D

Announcer: Actually, this time Akanishi-kun has a written a letter to all the members.

Jin: Well, I tried writing something called "My Own Bonds" and made it into a letter.

Announcer: Will you read it for us?

Jin: Yes. [to staff member] Ah, excuse me.

I’d like to read "My Own Bonds".

First of all, there’s a place for me called "my family". My father, mother, little brother, and the guys I think of as brothers - the people who support me – I think the me before your eyes is here because I have such a family.

Through this year’s 24 Hour Television, I felt the importance of connections between human beings and of grateful feelings towards others. So I want everyone here to feel the importance of my connections with the people I love.

The other members help me, of course. Kamenashi – during the drama Gokusen I didn’t know any of the other actors, but because Kamenashi was there on the site, I really was saved. Koki – no matter when, he shows me the same smiling face and high spirits, which always helps me. Ueda – we fought a lot, but he actually looks everything the most calmly. I think he’s an amazing guy who can do the things I can’t. Taguchi – Taguchi is, well, he likes games and does nothing but play them, but, that earnest cheerfulness really spreads to us. Nakamaru – out of all of us, I think he might be the one who cares about the other members the most. Please keep that kind heart forever.

I think everyone has different kinds of experiences here, and there are painful things, sad things – but for every time you cry, there’s a smile waiting. That’s how I live.

To the everyone on the staff who made this possible and everyone who was a part of this, thank you very much. And also, everyone in KAT-TUN, my beloved family, you really are a help to me. Thank you.

Akanishi Jin

Translator's Note: Awwww, Jin. ♥ And yes, that line in the second to last paragraph is (almost) a lyric from "Care". (Here it's "Naita bun dake, egao ga matteiru...")

This was a quick job, so any comments/suggestions are welcome.

Edit: Second part now up here. :D
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