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[fansong/discussion] This is (Gay) Love?

Even though I gave up on fansong projects a while back, I don't like to leave things (entirely) unfinished. So, this will have to be the 'finished' version of This is Love (Kizuna). I skipped the music because I wanted to try out using only the sound of waves lapping a beach (think the end of NwP) instead. I also tried ... not to try too hard. *grins* To go more for feeling than technique, so the latter is crappier than usual in some parts. On the whole, I tried to take into account what constructive criticism I've recieved lately. (Though I couldn't take into account 'scary' or 'weird' -- comments for Do it, YamaPeople -- because I still don't know _what_ that means. *pouts*)

And now it's streaming, thanks to Vox! *grins* This is Love (Flash player, a la YouTube.)

This is Love (Kizuna)

I was satisfied, being on my own, till I saw that you were alone
I thought I could mend all your broken smiles, like a little bird set you free

Then she came along, bird without a song
And we thought we would teach her to sing
But she taught you to be strong
And me to trust in my heart

When I saw her standing next to you
I thought she must be the reason for
All these feelings that were coursing through
Every vein to invade tout mon cœur

But when she revealed her crush on you,
How I tried to make you go away,
But somehow I couldn't see it through.
Now I finally know, this is love.

And no, I never did finish the Shuji section. All you get is Akira's. Also, yes, it is Shuji/Akira. Or ShujixAkira.

Which leads me to what I really want to discuss. :D

BoyxBoy (BL) pairings and 'fanservice' are very common in JE fandom. However, homophobia also appears rampant. How do you think You would react if it turned out a member of KAT-TUN were gay in real life? How do you think most fans would react?

No, I'm not suggesting members of KAT-TUN are gay. Nor am I suggesting they're not. I'm just interested in the topic, audience perception etc.

I've seen many people express the sentiment that 'As long as it's fanservice, it's hot!' And then they turn around and shout 'SO-AND-SO ISN'T GAY!' when they think their idol is being 'accused' of homosexuality. (I will refrain from mentioning past rumours, but you probably noticed the ruckus.)

Curiouser and curiouser.

So, thoughts? On the song or the topic, or even both? *entices*
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