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i'm a koki fangirl...

konnichiwa minna!!!
i'm not sure whether i should(or can i?) post this here but i can't stop myself from sharing the love between my favourite pair which is this :>

i'm not really into pairing but i'm really addicted to kokiyassu
ardentsinner came up with this pair since i'm REALLLLLY
a fangirl of koki and yassu(she started everything though)

it started with this clip...

then i found this picture which proves the love between them really exists!!!(ehemmm....me being fangirl again, they just close friends i think)

look carefully....

if you can see there, the picture which shows koki's item, there's a bracelet...i can't really understand japanese but you can see there that there are 2 letters on the bracelet which is K and Y....
the K stands for koki and the Y stands for yasuda, i'm not making things...both letters really stands for their names!!!

then i found more pictures of koki wearing this bracelet

here's pictures which shows MORE RABU-RABU....

as if the love in photoshoots is not enough, they can't hide their love in these videos...

[SC050605]Dreamboy medley

[SC050619]Rock medley

i thought no more rabu rabu between this kokiyassu this year since both of them are busy with their new albums, BUT...they still love each other!!!


here's some caps of koki in [Music Station Super Live 051223]
he's wearing the bracelet!!!

i know he miss yassu when he's 'making' with kame...

and jin...

and in Real Face videoshoot too...

well, it think i better stop now, this post is really long now...
i'll come up with more kokiyassu love if any of you guys agree with me that the love between them exist(still looking for more evidence for the love between them....)

p/s:sorry to ohyass fan, if you don't like this pair, credit to those posted the scans and the pictures
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