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[mp3] Rips from 24 Jikan Terebi

Hi all. It's been a busy day, hasn't it? And we're not even done yet! Thank you to all who have taken their time and made the effort to upload the clips on other hosting sites. I am fortunate enough to be able to use Clubbox, but THANK YOU nevertheless. ^_^ Without further ado, please feel free to download these mp3 -

[24 Jikan Terebi] Real Face - KAT-TUN
[24 Jikan Terebi] Tsubasa wo Kudasai
[24 Jikan Terebi] Signal, Venus & Harukana Yakusoku
[24 Jikan Terebi] R.I.P. Marcos-Unity Poss - Love Junx with Akanishi Jin & Nakamaru Yuichi
[24 Jikan Terebi] Seishun Amigo
[24 Jikan Terebi] Kizuna & Real Face

Not really KAT-TUN but I hope the mods wouldn't mind, because this was beautiful - [24 Jikan Terebi] Jupiter - Hirahara Ayaka & Hia. If there are any objection to this, I will delete it.

KAT-TUN saikkou indeed. ♥ Otsukaresama deshita~ ^_^
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