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KAT-TUN's favorite anime/manga characters

I just bought Popolo October issue today and there's a whole section that JE boys talk about their favorite anime/manga characters. And of course KAT-TUN is in it too xDDD I'm sure that many of you are also otaku (or at least I think so), so do you wanna know if their favorite characters are the same as you? xD

I just state the names of the characters and which series they come from. My Japanese is not enough to translate KAT-TUN's opinions on the characters x3 Hopefully someone will ^_^

Male character / Female character

1. Kame::
>> Luffy from "One Piece"
>> Minami-chan from "Touch"

~ It's funny because Kame also talks about Minami in "Touch" and "Sapuri" xD And also, his name Kazuya also comes from "Touch" <3

2. Jin::
>> Luffy from "One Piece"
>> Shizuka-chan from "Doraemon"

~ I just love how Akame has the same favorite male chracter. And Luffy is also my fav character xDDDDD I just didn't think that Jin would like Shizuka-chan LOL

3. Junno::
>> Tsubasa from "Captain Tsubasa"
>> Makino Tsukushi from "Hana Yori Dango"

~ They should give Junno a role in Hana Yori Dango season 2 LOL

4. Koki::
>> Jimmy from "Gang King"
>> None

~ OMG Koki, please name someone that I know =o=

5. Ueda::
>> Byakuya Kuchiki from "Bleach"
>> Dorami from "Doraemon"

~ LOL I was laughing so badly when I read to Ueda's part xDD He's just too cute xDDD I love Dorami too <333

6. Maru::
>> Piccolo from "Dragon Ball"
>> Shizuka-chan from "Doraemon"

~ Both Jin & Maru like Shizuka-chan, and half of KAT-TUN like chracters from Doraemon. That's a Real Face that I didn't know until today xD
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