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Wink Up September 2006 Focus KAT-TUN (Part 1)

Hello, here's another translation for you! ^_^ I think this talk is really very interesting, since they skirt around the issue of Jin not really having a dorama or some kind of show. And it's interesting that Junno takes Kame's side. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this interview!

I'll be doing the other part soon. Enjoy!

Wink Up September 2006 Focus KAT-TUN (Part 1)
Jin, Junno, Kôki

Jin: "In July our second single 'Signal' was released."
Junno: "Which is why we could appear in several music programs."
Kôki: "But since there's also the DoCoMo commercial, compared to our first single, it feels as if we're not moving around that much."
Junno: "Yeah. More like the commercial is doing the advertising for the single."
Jin: "DoCoMo was so kind as to combine those two things, up until now we didn't really have a promotion and commercial like these."
Kôki: "One could say they're linked. Like, the DoCoMo commercial has ended up becoming our promotion."
Jin: "Until now, only Kame and me appeared in the DoCoMo commercials, now not only is our song included but also the whole group appears."
Kôki: "The filming of the PV was interesting too. With CG and all. It was fun looking foward to the finished product. How our real movements would look with CG."
Junno: "The set was also impressive."
Kôki: "This is awkward to say, but it costed quite a bit. It was a really great set."
Jin: "We were moving around in those cubicles, and those became very different movements... It was fun watching that happen."
Junno: "Also, to talk about something to do with music, KAT-TUN sings the opening theme for 'Sapuri'. This has nothing to do with 'Signal' and is a completely new song."
Jin: "Un. It's more of a pop song, isn't it?"
Junno: "Pop'n music."
Jin: "Yeah, pop'n music. *laughs* For 'Signal', it's the listening feeling, but isn't the melody [AN: I'm guessing it's the melody - it could also be the lyrics. He uses the word サビ.] very easy to remember this time?"
Junno: "I think you will be able to sing it very quickly when it gets available in karaoke."
Jin: "Un, for everyone. I'm sure they will sing it just like that."
Junno: "And there's a story behind the lyrics, so I want everyone to listen to them carefully."
Jin: "This is with regards to it as the opening song for Kame's dorama. Kôki is also starring in a dorama right now, doesn't it feel very fullfilling that on a personal basis, everyone increasingly has their own activities? The people who don't act also have various jobs."
Kôki: "For the 24 hours television for example. We have started going to different locations, too."
Junno: "It's really very fullfilling."
Jin: "Un. Since Kame and Kôki have a their dorama, we are rearranging the schedule for the locations."
Kôki: "Even though we can't do it all the time, we make sure to visit the locations."
Junno: "Akanishi-kun and I went to the recording of the Dance Kôshien for 24 hours television. That was quite a challenge. We've never before done a program together with so many normal students. I thought 'This is going to be fantastic', but it was even more so than I had imagined."
Jin: "School uniforms, they're great, aren't they~"
Junno: "Eh!? That's what caught your eye!?"
Kôki: "Wasn't it about dancing!?"
Jin: "Iya, but, everyone could dance very well."
Junno: "And somehow there were a lot of styles I didn't even know."
Jin: "At that time we were really saved by Hyôdô Yuki-san [AN: ...who had been at Dance Kôshien before and therefore knew what she was doing.] After all, the two of us haven't acted as emcees before."
Junno: "Obviously Hyôdô-san was used to it, wasn't she. For us, it was the first time, so we had no clue what to ask. Since there will be more locations to visit, we have to make use of this new experience and do our best."
Jin: "It's such a good chance to meet and talk with a lot of different people, that I'm looking forward to going again if the opportunity arises."
Kôki: "When you got down to it, the two of you were more passive than expexted." *laughs*
Jin: "But you also talk in the radio show."
Junno: "But Akanishi-kun, recently you read an essay in "R-One KAT-TUN", right? And I don't have that at all?" [AN: I'm reeeeaaaally not sure about this sentence. Here is it in japanese: 「赤西くん、このあいだ作文を「R-One KAT-TUN」に読んでもらったんでしょ? こっちにはそういうの全然ないんだけど?」 If you know what it is supposed to mean, please let me know! ^o^]
Jin: "I just was over there a couple of times. I'm thinking about making my appearance there soon. But only as shadow, you know."
Junno: "What's that supposed to mean? Don't make it sound as if you'd appear in the show."
Kôki: "It's because we have him do the switching in the background."
Junno: "The people who are listening won't get that at all. *laughs* Because they can't actually see him."
Jin: "I'll rush there for special missions. Like the essay. *laughs* In that way, I want to have my own fun."
Junno: "If we switched with the others, it would surely be interesting too. Me and Kôki make their program. And the other two make our program. Wouldn't it be cool to try it once?"
Kôki: "Eh? 'Ueda Tatsuya ・ Nakamaru Yûichi no KAT-TUN Style~!'? That sounds interesting. *laughs*
Jin: "Ueda Tatsuya and Akanishi Jin no KAT-TUN Style"
Junno: "We can't allow that."
Jin: "Yeah, that's impossible, isn't it. *laughs* Obviously those are your shows, I'll just be the persistent guest."
Kôki: "It's because basically "KAT-TUN Style" is our program."
Junno: "Exactly. Even if Jin enters, he's just the man behind the scenes."
Jin: "Salted salmon roe." [AN: This is a pun: man behind the scenes = 黒子, salted salmon roe = 筋子]
Kôki: *ignores jin completely* "He has more the role of staff. Like delivering the program schedule."
Jin: *undauntedly* "Salted salmon roe."
Kôki: "Stop interrupting, man!" *laughs*
Junno: "But how does it feel, Kôki, to have solo activities?"
Kôki: "How does what feel?"
Junno: "To have a job on your own and then return to KAT-TUN."
Kôki: "There isn't really anything special about it... After all, I meet everyone three or four times a week."
Jin: "That doesn't change, ne."
Kôki: "On days when we don't meet, I have some free time or dorama shooting. That's the only thing that's different."
Jin: "So let's stay like this and use each of our talents to move forward from now on too..."
Junno: "Come to think of it, it was Jin's birthday a short while ago!"
Kôki: "Even though he tried to hide. *laughs* But that's okay."
Jin: "I got presents from everyone! Except Kamenashi."
Junno: "But Kame is busy with his dorama and apparently doesn't have much free time."
Kôki: "Eh? Hey, I'm also in a dorama? But I managed to give him a present?"
Jin: "Kôki gave me a saddle. *laughs* I just got a bike saddle."
Kôki: "In five years, you'll have the whole bike together."
Jin: "In the course of three years, I'll probably have lost this year's saddle."
Kôki: "Iya, surely not in three years. You already lost so many things this year."
Jin: "Yeah, I'll lose it in the course of this year." *laughs*
Kôki: "But it would be good to have it this week, right?"
Junno: "He's already preparing to lose it." *laughs* [AN: I'm sure about the saddle, I'm sure about the losing part, but it may sound awkward in English - please forgive me.]
Kôki: "Iya, but that was only a gag gift. I'll give you a real present too."
Jin: "Really? Arigatô gozaimasu. How friendly ne~" *laughs* [AN: He uses such a cute word here, wakiaiai - ah, Jin, let me cuddle you to death, you cute thing, you!] Ah, there's still something left to announce. About the T-shirts for 24 hours television."
Kôki: "Nakamaru with Ghibli." [AN: He said the "with" part in English.]
Junno: "It's the first time, isn't it? That Ghibli teams up with someone else."
Jin: "Nakamaru loses completely." *laughs*
Kôki: "Unforgivable. I got the order mixed up. It's Ghibli with Nakamaru."
Jin: "I saw the finished product, it's all Ghibli."
Junno: "But with Nakamaru's picture."
Jin: "True. Ghibli said 'We won't do it if the draft can't convince us.' But it seems there was something good in the picture Nakamaru drew. Under these hard conditions, Nakamaru's sense sold."
Junno: "And on top of that, it was the picture that we all had declared no good. I never would have thought that this picture would be chosen." *laughs*
Kôki: "The one about which everyone said 'This won't do.' was chosen.
Jin: "Ghibli has a different eye for such things. They're really awesome."
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