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Intro to the Rabu-ness of Kat-tun

Hey! XD I'm candyy_girl and I just got into j-pop two months ago and kat-tun was my first band, Thanx to ani (st_anime) she's great btw.. Just to tell you she's the BIGGEST Jin fan, so watch out Jin-lovers (this one's has the crazies for him). Well my fave from kattun is also jin, then kame i think... [Ani, dont tell them that i truly hate Kame for the stupidest reason..!] [Kame fans will seriously harass me >.<]

I love lookin' for pics of kattun esp Jin and youtube is a must for me... I loved the summary 2004 fun fight with newS (another band I'm crazy about) but can't seem to watch the first part completely, prolly a corrupted file... so if you have links to the whole thing please notify me!! (and eng subs are must) [i know so demanding am i?] :p

I'm 17 and I'm deseperate to learn Japanese and to go to japan! AND of course meet kat-tun.. but what's more is to meet Massu of NewS, yes Massu-lover is here... Anywho i still have love for kat-tun because they have better songs.. =o

From Canada, soo maple syrup's good! Yes, Junno we still have lots of maple syrup so please visit and esp. in Toronto!! and bring massu or jin with you!! hehe :D (preferably massu, told you i have the hotts for him >.<')

Love to chat with y'all who's got some cool insights! Thanx for readin', hope to talk to you again
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