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[FIC] Love Me, Love Me Not (chap 2)

Title: Love Me, Love Me Not
Rating: PG13
Pairings/Characters: JinDa, Akame, KamexJunno
Summary: Jin and Ueda are together but has Jin really let go of his past with Kame? And what will Junno do about his feelings towards Kame?

Chapter 1: 20 Questions

Jinda fluff (?) for this chapter!!

Chapter 2: Home

The door closed behind Ueda with a soft click and he flicked the light switch on. The fluorescent lights cast a harsh glare upon the living room which was predominantly white and lacking in any kind of decoration. It always seemed a bit surreal for Ueda to come home, to this place which belonged to Jin and him. Many times when he stood at the door facing the neat apartment he felt like a visitor at a showroom, a place so perfect yet desperately lacking.

= = =

"Tat-chan ... Tat-chan ..."

The incessant calling of his name and the poking of his cheeks helped draw Ueda out of slumber. He forced his heavy eyelids open and was slightly startled to find Jin’s face looming in front of his.

"Okairi ~"


Ueda gave Jin a peck on the cheek before sitting up and stretching his limbs that were stiff from falling asleep on the couch.

"Gomen ne, shooting dragged on much longer than I expected. Come on, let’s go to bed! I’m DEAD BEAT!!!"

Jin grabbed Ueda by the arm and dragged him towards the bedroom.

"Chotto matte! You haven’t showered!"

"Ah, never mind about that." Jin waved his hand dismissively even as he continued his march towards the bedroom.


Jin stopped in his tracks suddenly and Ueda almost knocked into him. He turned to face Ueda and leaned until his mouth was next to Ueda’s ear.

"Or were you thinking of showering together?" Jin whispered, blowing into Ueda’s ear, knowing that it made him ticklish.

Ueda felt his face heating up at the suggestion even though he knew Jin was only joking ... right?

"I ... wasn’t ..."

Jin burst out laughing at the sight of the usually calm Ueda red-faced and sputtering to defend himself.

"Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache." Jin grinned as he pulled Ueda – who lost all ability to protest already – onto bed.

He found a comfortable position, curled up against Ueda’s chest and closed his eyes.

Ueda sighed and resigned himself to being Jin’s bolster for the night (again). He sniffed carefully at Jin’s hair and announced "You smell".

"No I don’t." Jin shot back without hesitation. Johnny’s boys don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t rest. Of course they don’t smell.

Ueda would have wrung his hands in despair if they were not already wrapped tightly round Jin.

"And even if I do, you’d love me anyway."” The words came out a little muffled because Jin was talking into Ueda chest, making the older man laugh softly, both from the ticklish sensation and the meaning of those words.

"But of course I don’t." Jin repeated, just in case Ueda thought otherwise.

Ueda sooth Jin’s hair back and hugged him closer. He knew that Jin was really exhausted from his tight schedule despite the laughs and jokes. Jin’s breathing slowed to a steady rhythm and Ueda’s mind drifted to his conversation with Taguchi earlier. He had used the happiness from being with Jin to bury all his worries about Jin’s past with Kame but talking with Taguchi had caused those concerns to surface once again.

Ueda was still preoccupied with such thoughts when a sound from Jin pulled him back.

"... love you Tat-chan."

And suddenly the weight was lifted from Ueda. This was what really matters wasn’t it? He could keep walking down this path a little longer as long as he kept his eyes on Jin.

"Love you too."

= = =

The photo frame had been sitting on the coffee table for two days when Ueda finally noticed it. He picked it up and found himself staring at a photo that he had taken with Jin a long time ago. From the days where things were much simpler, when laughter and smiles came easily, when "competition" wasn’t something they had to consider.

Their golden hairs glistened in the summer sky and Ueda could almost feel the heat on his skin.

= = =

"Oh, I just thought the house looked a little bare you know. Hmm, this tastes good. You wanna try some?" Jin held out a spoonful of pudding and for a moment, Ueda thought of refusing. He wasn’t really into sweet stuff. But he thought better of it and leaned forward for Jin to feed the pudding into his mouth.

"Nice deshou?" Jin grinned and continued savouring the rest of his pudding.

The dark circles around Jin’s eyes were a little deeper than the last time Ueda really looked but his smile was as beautiful as ever.

A/N: The first time I'm writing not-angst so I hope Chapter 2 turned out alright. There was supposed to be a photoshoot thing but I scrapped that because it got too draggy.
Once again, comments are love. =)
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