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Johnny's shopping in Shanghai

Because of the huge response of my last post concerning Johnny's shopping in Shanghai, I have here the excact places one can find those shops.

- Xu Jia Hui underground shopping area, where you buy jewels and stuff, they have shops there. Those shops are photoshops where you have pictures, and they make you all kind of key chain, neckless, cups, pillows, prints ect.

- Wen Miao street. That's a little street with girl's things.. they have a couple great shops, in one you even can buy photobooks. *.* One also can find the NewS tour shirt, or W-inds tour shirt. And tones of posters. The purikulas in a little shop further into the street are really cheap, 10 yuan (1 euro) for about 40 Purikulas.

-And my favourite place is the Shui Chen Street No 448. That's a little shopping mall with a kind of girl's stuff. those shops. In the 3rd etage, you can find a lot of those shops. One also can choose the pictures in the computers and let them make it for you. One basically can't miss it, because you hear NewS, Kat-tun, Yayayah songs from far away. XD

-The last result would be Di Mei in the People Square, also a underground shopping area. But there I didn't find to much shops... but one can try since it's awful huge. ^^ They are really cute Gothic Lolita and Japanese school uniforms from about 10 Euro till 50 Euro.

So that's it, if I find more, I will post this up. ^^
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