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Introductory post. -waves-

Hi. I'm new here. I think introductory posts are allowed... -checks comm rules again- Yeah, I believe they are. =D

Anyway, I think I joined yesterday or something, but it was late, so I didn't introduce myself then.

So, you can call me Kaze, which is the name I use online mostly. I live in Hong Kong, but I study in England. I'm 13.

I kinda like to ramble, so I'll keep the rest of this post under the cut. It's really pointless rambling, mostly, so don't click if you don't want to hear me going on about useless things. But if you like ramblings (I know I do), click on teh cut!

I only first heard of Kat-tun last Saturday, through Gokusen 2. It was episode 5. I was at my grandparents', and all my relatives said that Gokusen 2 was not worth watching and stuff. I didn't listen to them, and watched it.


I spent the whole episode staring and drooling over him with every chance I got. xD; I didn't pay attention to any of the others boys. If I did, I would have noticed another awesome one.

Anyway, the credits rolled, and I wanted to find out who that actor was called. I saw the words 'Kat-tun' twice, briefly. So I searched that, and found who I was looking for. Kamenashi Kazuya. =D

Next day, I found the first few Gokusen eps on youtube and watched them. And noticed the other cute boy. Looked more carefully at the Kat-tun band members again, and saw that Akanishi Jin was the one.

So yeah, then I started looking for their music, and I now heart that band totally. Because what more can you ask for when you have a handful of hot boys that you can drool over a lot, awesometastic music, and beyond amazing dance moves? =D

And that is the story behind how I got into Kat-tun in just a few days. ^^

Oh, and today, I went to a DVD/VCD store, intending to buy the Fullmetal Alchemist movie DVD (some of you may have heard of this awesome anime), but instead I caught sight of the Kaizokuban concert DVD. Of course, I /had/ to buy it. Which meant I didn't have enough money left to buy the FMA DVD, but who cares because I've got something much better. *g* I also saw the Real Face film DVD. One was a Chinese-subbed version, I believe, which cost HK$115, and the other was the original Japanese without subs, and that cost HK$315 or something. Why the heck are the prices so far apart? Which led me to believe that the Chinese-subbed version had missing bits or something. >_> And since I can't understand Japanese, (plus it's so FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE), I decided that I would buy neither.

So I watched the concert DVD today (when I should actually be doing my Maths homework xD) and loved it so much. And there's an interview at the end. Jin said that the concert wouldn't have been anything without fans watching it, and that it was like the kanji character, "人", which stands for man. He said it's because the first stroke, the longer one, is A-kun, which is Kat-tun, and the short stroke is B-kun, the fans. And then he said he's C-kun watching from the side. xD; I know my description sounds lame, but it's hilarious if you watch him explain it.

Anyway, that's it for my intro. =D I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THIS COMM. Bye for now~
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