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Something else... you can buy so many Kat-tun and Yamapi stuff here in Shanghai, I think I will have spent all my money on these thing before I can spend any in Japan. Even I more want to buy something of NewS or KanJani8, if there are a couple damned good looking Jin and Kame posters looking down on you in a shop, how can you resist them?! >.< I think I just looove Akame, whenever and wherever.. they are sooo cute!! So just for fun... An Easy Interview with Kame and Jin: What if...

Q1: What if you have one day time to be someone else, who would you want to be?
Kame: a bird. *laugh*. In one day fly freely around.
Jin: I don't want to be anyone else, just being myself. But if I have to.. I would want to be an Italien. (wtf?! ^^;;;;)

Q2: What would you do if you can use magic?!
Kame: Let it be World Peace. That's what I want to do the most right now.
Jin: Flying around, that will feel great.

Q3: What if you aren't a member of Kat-tun, what you would do right now?
Kame: Perhaps joing NewS. *laugh*
Jin: I would get married, be a father, and work... I think I would still be singing. (get married right now... wow... ^^;;)

Q4: What if you are a transparent guy, what would you want to do?
Kame: Take a work in Shibuya, and go to amusement parks
Jin: Go to Girl's Bathroom... (Jin, Jin, Jin... *sigh*)

Q5: What if you can have a special power, what would you want?
Kame: Being able to bend a spoon. If I can walk on the street and bend a spoon at the same time, wouldn't I be a hero?! (hm?! I don't think so... ^^;;;)
Jin: The power to heal illnesses and injuries at once. Even broken legs can be healed at once.

Q6: Being poor living till 120, or being rich but living till 30, which would you choose?
Kame: Being extraordinary rich. Live a glory life of 120 in 30 years.
Jin: Till 30... Beauties do really have a short life. (?!!!! O________o did he really said that...?)

Q7: What if you woke up in one morning and notice you are a girl, what is you reaction?
Kame: I will put on make up and walk out confidently. (then why put on makeup?^^)
Jin: Thinking: I'm dreaming right?! and go on with sleeping. After waking up when I turned back to be a boy I will go to work normally, I guess.

Q8: What if you are a girl, would you date yourself?
Kame: Yes, I understand myself better than anyone else, we two would get along really easily, and understand each other's feeling really well. *laugh*
Jin: No. Because I'm too selfcentric, it would be tyring. *laugh*

Q9: If you and your girlfriend have a fight, would you appologize first?
Kame: Yes I would. At little fights, boys appologizing first is kind of better, that's a good help for a happy relationship. *laugh*
Jin: That's pretty easy to understand. If it's my fault I would appologize first, if it's her fault I wouldn't.

Q10: Woud you put your favourite dish at the beginning of the meal or at the end?
Kame: At the end. Once favourite flavor should make the end of a meal. Even if you are full, your can still eat your favourite food.
Jin: Looking at my mood on that day then looking at the food. Sometimes I would eat it first, sometimes at last.

Q11: What would you like in 10 years?!
Kame: Be more experieced and mature in the entertainment world. Want to act in many great works, and challenge movies.
Jin: Having my own child. I really love children, I want to have a daughter badly.

Q12: What would you like in 20 years?
Kame: Having my own family! Still doing the same work, living to the fullest.
Jin: Living abroad. (WHERE?! O.o)

Lalala.. nothing special just another interview... hope you guys liked it. ^^
Sorry for late updates... being out of the house right now... Please bear with me. ^^
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