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Colorful Season KAT-TUN

Translation of the whole KAT-TUN article in Duet September. ^_^ Enjoy!

Nakamaru Yuichi

Recently, I went shopping with a friend, and on the wall in front of Omotesandô Hills there was a giant KAT-TUN poster. I was so happy, I immediately took a photo with my mobile. And two photos, the whole scene plus a close-up, on top! *laughs* After that we went to see a movie, and in the first scene of the movie there was the big crossing in Shibuya. And there was a KAT-TUN poster too. Isn't it amazing that our poster appears on a street in a movie!? Somehow, two of those coincidences on one day scared me a bit.

Together with Ueda I went on an onsen trip for a day. Onsen make you feel really warm, don't they. On the way back, I was still feeling hot, even when I came back home, my face was all red. Onsen are really something, they warm you up from the core of your body... and while I thought that, I didn't cool down even though it was night then. What's this!? And I was feeling kind of exhausted too!? I took my temperature and had 37,6°C [AN: For japanese people, this is regarded as quite high.] Somehow I managed to catch a cold at the onsen. *laughs* I got that by myself.

Yesterday, I suddenly got a mail from my younger sister, "Sorry, I lost the watch." When I asked, "Eh? Watch? What's this about?", she confessed that she had taken my favourite watch without asking me and lost it on top of that... So I answered very nicely, "Forget about the watch, but only enter my room if you have permission to." Well, I get along great with my younger sister, but there have to be restrictions for coming into my room. *laughs*

For "24 hours TV", we were so lucky to be able to do a collaboration with Ghibli and make a T-shirt! I'm such a Ghibli fan, it's like "Ghibli = Nakamaru" in my own thoughts. Really, it's a dream of mine to one day be able to voice-act in a Ghibli movie.

Kamenashi Kazuya

What made me happy recently was the day my job ended at 8 p.m. Since it had been ages that I got off so early, I went out to eat with friends. I always eat cold bentô at work, so I was very happy that I could eat a warm meal. Speaking of meals, I got a call from Namase Katsuhisa-san who also played in Gokusen [AN: He played the head teacher with the funny hairstyle. *g*] and was invited to eat nabe at his house. But at first, when I picked up the phone, I didn't know who it was, so I rudely said "Who's there?" Shame on me, I'm really useless. Nakama Yukie-san came to Namase-san's house, too, I enjoyed talking to her after such a long time. And the kimchi nabe Namase-san's wife made was very tasty.

What pisses me off recently is when I see adults who do their jobs as if they were automatons, without really caring. I'm also very busy, but I make sure to do my job right. I end up saying "If you feel like this about your job, wouldn't it be better for you to quit?" When I see something like that, if I don't say anything about it, it becomes stress for me personally, and after I've said it, things will gradually improve, I think. Maybe. *laughs* But people probably think of me as obnoxious brat. *laughs*

My head is full with the special dorama for "24 hour television". It's a true story about a boy who is the eighth person in the world to contract this serious illness. Since there exist only eight precedents, the disease doesn't have a name. You lose your sight and apparently your face changes too. In my role, I just play the part of losing my eyesight though. I think to do this role justice, I have to really get into the disease and the main character. But I haven't read a bit of the original work. I didn't want to hold any strange preconceptions. I think this role is very difficult, but even just because of that, it holds merit, so I'm doing my best for this dorama right now.

Ueda Tatsuya

Recently when I had a day off, I went to Nasushiobara together with Nakamaru on a one day onsen trip! There happened so many things, where should I start!? Ah, from taking the train I hadn't taken for half a year. We had decided that Nakamaru would drive to Nasushiobara, but he said "It's a bother to go pick you up, so take the train to my house." But I thought, "What will I do if someone discovers on the train that I'm KAT-TUN!?" and was really nervous, drawing my cap deep into my face, looking around inconspicuously...But of course not a single person noticed. *laughs*

Then we arrived. We had gone all this way to Nasushiobara, but for some reason we went into a conbini and a video rental store. After that, we found a game center, but even though I said "We've come here on a special occasion, so a game center is surely out of the question.", without listening Nakamaru drove into the next parking lot... we stayed there until five in the evening. *laughs* We went into ourselves and decided to first get omiyage and bought cheese and raw ham at an omiyage shop. Next we decided "Let's eat!" and since we've come all the way here, let's eat the regional soba. We searched and searched, but there was nothing in the guide book, and finally without finding a restaurant... In the end, we went to a family restaurant that also exists in Tokyo. *laughs* When we were done eating, it was already seven, and the fresh things we had bought at the omiyage shop would go bad after six hours, so we had to go home soon. *laughs* Well, in the end we found a one day onsen, managed to get into it somehow, but that was quite the stressful day. *laughs*

Since Nakamaru had driven on the way to Nasushiobara, I drove on the way back, but when I glanced over to him on the way, he was sleeping like a log. And here I had stayed awake for him during the two and a half hours to Nasushiobara even though I was really sleepy... That's really unbelievable, isn't it. *laughs*

Tanaka Kôki

Yesterday I remade my sneakers. On the white leather, I drew sakura flowers and around the brand logo I put 1mm Swarowski glitter stones. That's why I didn't sleep today. *laughs* I thought "I'll do it as far as I can." and it took 11 hours. The reason why I chose sakura flowers as motive is because they are the heart of the japanese, because I'm japanese. Among my friends there is someone who remakes sneakers professionally, and he developped a special ink for drawing on leather, he even owns a patent for it. Since I was able to borrow some ink from him, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm still adding color and it will take another two or three days until they are finished, but I think the result will be quite satisfying.

What surprised me lately is how serious Tegoshi Yûya-kun, who also acts in the dorama, takes me being his senpai. *laughs* When I arrive on the set, I greet him with an " 'sup", but he answers "Ohayô gozaimasu!" At the production press conference he also gave very thoughtful comments. It's the kind of atmosphere where I feel I can't just take it easy. In reality I wanted to do so. *laughs* Even when I talked to him, he always used keigo (very polite japanese) When we're together I think "Have I really deserved that?" and my heart starts to hurt. *laughs* Hey, it's my ninth year in the jimusho. I'm the perfect leader, right? *laughs* I understand that you use keigo when talking to a senpai, but I wish Tegoshi-kun would be a little more open with me.

I just said it, but it's already been nine years since I entered Johnny's. I belong to the backbone of the company. I'm doing my best job-wise, during concerts I wave at people with a huge smile, but still I haven't been voted "The person I want as my lover" on rank 1. *laughs* I always just take first place on rankings like "Is strong in fights". I'm the last idol of the century? The "Last Idol"? *laughs*

Taguchi Junnosuke

I cut my hair! Well, only my front bangs a little. Because when you play billiard, you bow down and look up. So when your hair falls into your eyes it gets hard to see. Thanks to cutting my hair, my billiard condition is quite good recently! Oh yeah, at the moment I want a new cue. I got the one I use at the moment from Yonehana Tsuyoshi-kun as a present, but it's about time I move one rank up. After all, you want the thickness of the grip to fit your hand. But cues, there are expensive ones which cost 500 000 yen. But well, those are more for collectors to buy. A player like me uses something practical, so I'm not looking for one of those. At the moment I'm in the middle of thinking which one to buy.

Have you all watched the World Cup? I met with six friends of mine in a restaurant we often go to and watched at least all the Japan games in real time! We got really into it, it was a lot of fun. When I had the time, I also watched the other games, so for a while I didn't get enough sleep. The Japan games were a given, of course, but individually I'm a fan of the french player Tierry Henry. I cheered for him the whole time, it was really a pity that they lost the final game.

Lately, I'm playing against Ueda a lot, a game we both bought. It's a kind of investment game. Simply put, you try to raise the cash of your shops and whoever gets rich fastest wins. To be honest, Ueda is really good at this, I haven't won even once. *cries* It's like everytime he comes up with something even nastier. *laughs* I can't fight back like that. But next time I'm gonna win for sure, whenever I have free time, I practice.

Akanishi Jin

Yesterday, my job ended in the evening so I went to Shibuya to go shopping. Since it's been a long time that it ended so early, I bought a lot of everyday things that I thought I needed. All practical stuff like cleaning tools, cases to put small things into, only things like that. *laughs* After that, I also bought a suspense movie DVD I had wanted for a long time. After I came home, I immediately watched it, it was very interesting.

Talking about shopping, there's one more thing. During "Gokusen", I wore a necklace with a pendant in the form of a woman, and I found myself liking it a lot. Recently I happened to find a similar one. I bought it immediately without thinking twice and have been wearing it for a long time now.

It's really summer now. Somehow I thought I want to change my hairstyle, summer-like. I have my own style in mind, the hair length as it is with a soft perm, but I'm still hesitating. I have the feeling summer will be over before I'm done with thinking. *laughs*

Recently, I went out to eat with five male friends of mine. Before I noticed, we had spent three hours talking about indecent topics like primary schoolers. I laughed about so much nonsense. But to spend time like this, talking about stupid things with my friends, is what I love most, and my stress disappears. Yeah, I'm often such a kid, but lately I sometimes wonder if I have become an adult, if it feels as if I've become mild-mannered. For example, before when one of the members drank my juice without asking, I exploded *laughs*, but I'm completely fine with it now. ... is this simply the change into an "ossan"!? I'm worried. *laughs*
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