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[Fanfic] Memory part 1

Title: Memory
Rating: PG
Pairings: Koki\Maru
Genre: Drame, Romance, Shounen Ai

This is my first fan fic, so it's not the best and my english is bad. It's not soo good, but I really wanted to write this fic ^_^

- We're K.A.T.T.U.N, It's showtime..
We were singing "She Said" as usual but it felt diffrent. It may have to do with what happend to Nakamaru yesterday.

- Koki-kun do you know where Nakamaru is?? Kame asked me.
- I don't know was my answer.
- That's bad, where going on stage soon he said.
It wasn't like Nakamaru, he always answered his phone and called if he was going to be late.
  2 minutes before we was going on stage one of the staff came and said that Nakamaru was hit by a car and was in coma.

After the prefomance we were sitting in the dressing room and just looked at each other.
- But I have to go now I told the others and left.
I think I was the one of us in KAT-TUN, that was affected the most of Nakamrau's accident. He was my best friend.
  I had decide to go to visit him in the hospital. But I didn't want the other guys to go with me. I wanted to be alone with him.
  When I stood outside his room my heart started to beat really really fast, I was getting nervous. "How do he look, does he have any scars??" and questions like that was in my head right now.
I opend the door and saw him laying there in the bed and I felt  more sad. That wasn't the happy and playful Nakamaru I knew.
- And you are? the nurse next to his bed asked me.
- His best friend I answered.
- Okey, don't worry about me, im going soon she said and smiled.
- Okey I said and sat on the chair next to Nakamaru's bed.
 After a while the nurse left and my tears started to fall.
- Why Maru, Why??? I said and took his hand.
- I haven't told you this before but... I love you. Not just as a friend, it's more than that I said and squeezed his hand and cried.
I started to sing "Precious one"
- I don't want to be alone......
Before I was finished with the song. I felt Nakamaru's hand moving.
He opened his eyes and saked me " Who are you????..

That's it XD I know it's short, but I wrote it yesterday night XD
Don't be to harsh on me. My english really is bad XD
Im sorry if it's a bad fic
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