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Translation 14.09.03 SC

Hi! Here's another translation from me. It's a pretty old clip from 2003 where Kame talks about his butt-touching fetish. I've always wanted to know what Kame and Ueda (his victim) said exactly and I finally found the clip with Chinese subtitles. I'm not sure if this has been translated before ... hopefully not?

The clip can be found here. I don't know the name of the host so he's just a ?. If anyone knows, please enlighten me! He's Murakami Shingo from K8. Thanks atarashiiyoake.

ina has uploaded this particular SC episode on MU. It can be found on her lj here.

Pi: Let's introduce the next segment

Hina: Yes, next up is "Big Matters, Small Matters, Things you want to say".

Hina: Sa, we have invited many juniors. This segment is for you to say whatever you want to. Yes, if you have anything youd like to say, please say it. Hai, lets start. Will the person whose name is called please go up to the stage. Sa, first up ... who do you want to talk to? First, there's something to say to Nakamaru-kun!

Hina: "Why are you always late? By Tanaka Koki" Sa, what do you have to say about Koki's words? Nakamaru-kun.

Maru: eh? Didn't I have an agreement with him before? He's late too!

Koki: I wasn't late. I just woke up a little later.

Hina: You, you're the same! Ja, Nakamaru-kun, please take note of this in the future.

Maru: Hai, from now on I'll take note of this.

Hina: Ja, let us all work hard towards not being late and affecting our work. Sa, let's continue. Next is what you want to say to Kamenashi Kazuya! What do you want to say to Kamenashi-kun himself? "Don't always touch other people's butt. This is really unbecoming. By Ueda Tatsuya."

Kame: Don't say this kind of things!

Hina: Sa, "always touching people's butt", Kame how do you explain this?

Kame: That's because Ueda's butt is very small and it feels pretty good to touch.

Hina: You're a pervert!

Kame: It's not like that!

Hina: What do you mean?

Kame: During performances, my left hand will be holding the mic and the right hand will feel lonely

Hina: Eh? You're touching throughout the performance?

Kame: Instead of saying "touch", it's more like an accidental bump.

Hina: Sa. What does Ueda have to say. Why have your lips turned white??

Ueda: I remember now, he keeps touching me like this every time [Ueda demonstrates XDDDD]

Hina: You didn't have to do that! You didn't have to demonstrate!

Kame: It's not like that! [Kame's expression is so adorable!]

Hina: Not like that? Then what is it like?

Kame: I don't touch like that!

Hina: ok, you don't have to demonstrate it with your hands.

Kame: When we're doing our moves on stage, "pa-ching", just a bump!

Hina: It's the same either way. So Ueda-kun has got to be careful and avoid being touched! Please return colour to your lips. And Kame must take note of this from now on.

Kame: Ok, I'll take note.

Next is a group called KKKitty. I skipped their part but if anyone is interested, feel free to request and I'll translate. It's pretty cute too. So sorry, but I have no idea who's in KKKitty so ... I use XYZ to represent them! Translation up and now I know their names!

Hina: This has become a strange segment. Let's continue. Next is a card for Kato from KKK.

[Look carefully and you'll see Kame attacking Ueda's butt as the guy from KKK runs up onto stage.]

Hina: "Please don't be so intimate with strangers on trains. You can lean on me too. By Kusano". Kato-kun, what kind of situation is this?

Kusano: For example, Hina you are the passenger and I am Shige. Initially we are both looking in front, as per normal but later he ends up [leaning on the passenger and snoring]. I will feel lonely.

Hina: Any explanation for this?
Kato: I must sleep when I'm on the train. I really want to sleep because I'm too tired so I will fall asleep no matter what I'm leaning on.

?: What if you meet an “akan” (ok, hope I didn't catch this wrongly. Referring to strange men that go round groping people on trains.)

Hina: So please don't get intimate with people so easily!

Kato: Hai, I'll take note in the future.

= = =

Pi: Thanks everyone. [Pi starts rambling] Hmm, everyone has said a lot huh, as for me, hmm, what is there to say ... so da na, so ka, so ... I went to Jin's house and we had a meal together. I really like that tanshou [anyone knows what kind of food this is?] so I planned on eating it last, wanting to enjoy the happiness of eating my favourite food at the last bite. Then I went to watch something interesting on TV. When I turned back, I discovered that the food I wanted to eat is gone! My tanshou has disappeared. No more, where has it gone? I realize that it seems to be in your mouth. Really, isn't this a thief?
Yes, that's how it was. Sorry, seems like I'm complaining.

[Pi then introduces KAT-TUN's medley]

= = =

Kame: Just now, we, uh, not 'we', it's actually Akanishi. Yamashita wrote Jin a card. It was a card but actually it was full of complains. (probably referring to Yamapi's 'soliloquy ' ealier)

Jin: Speaking of which, I was out driving with Yamapi once and we stopped by a convenience store to buy coffee.

Kame: ah, coffee? Bitter ne?

Jimmy: Men (does he mean it's manly to drive black coffee? Not too sure)

Kame: Black coffee?

Jin: No, we added some sugar. After we bought the coffee, I said "Let's go" (Kame said something about the wiper but it wasn't translated and I can't quite catch it either). Then when I started the car, he spilt all the coffee in the car.

Kame: I know, Jin probably started the car too quickly.

Jin: No, I started very nicely! Even I thought it was great.

Jimmy: you're lying, definitely lying.

Jin: Really, even I was surprised.

Jimmy: I don't even dare to sit in your car when you drive. I can't be assured at all.

Kame: Yamapi must have been very nervous.

Jin: But guess what was Pi's excuse? "Ah, the earth's gravity is really powerful today!"

Jimmy: Haha, gravity. That's clever.

Kame: So, it's this Yamapi that brings us very cool programmes.

[Akame moment!]

I feel bad for making requests but can any kind soul upload Real Face Film Part 7 for me on either ysi or sendspace?? I've been trying for the past 3 days but neither youpload nor the http link works. Thanks!
Thanks abstraque!
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