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Duet September 2006 KAT-TUN Secret Face

I hope no one translated this already, so I don't bore you with a repitition. ^^ Please don't post it elsewhere without permission, thanks! If you want to read more translations (and high quality scans of all the major mags), check out Hadaka no Johnny's!

We pissed each other off. ...That's why we became good friends.

KAT-TUN Secret Face
Akanishi Jin & Ueda Tatsuya Talk Session

When did you two meet?

Jin: I met Ueda for the first time at the time of 8J (8ji da J). That was the first time I saw him at all, by the way. Really, before we became KAT-TUN, I had barely spoken to him.
Ueda: I became a Jr. before Jin, around four months later Akanishi entered Johnny's. At the moment I saw him I thought: "Ah, he's gonna sell."
Akanishi: Heee, what was so good about me? Did I have a kind of aura as if I'd sell? *laughs*
Ueda: You didn't have any aura at all. *laughs* But I thought you had a good face. You know, I can tell who's gonna sell. *laughs*
Jin: That's an incredible talent. *laughs* Oh yeah, back then I thought that Ueda was a senpai at the level of Tackey. *laughs*
Ueda: What's that, age? Do you mean to say I looked old!? How rude. *laughs* That's right, at the time we became KAT-TUN, Akanishi looked at me and laughed "Fufu..." That felt really bad.
Jin: Eh, I didn't do that. I can't remember that at all.
Ueda: And right after we became KAT-TUN, Akanishi said "I don't want us to become KAT-TUN!", and for some reason he looked in my direction when he said that. I thought 'Even if he looks good, this is too much.'
Jin: Ahaha, Ueda, that's a misunderstanding! It's true that I didn't feel so great about working as KAT-TUN, but not because of Ueda or anything. *laughs*

The two of you get along well now, what was the opportunity which led to you becoming friends?

Jin: I don't know about a special opportunity, but I got closer to Ueda when I learned about his good points. I like that he is someone who has his own world.
Ueda: I envy Akanishi for his freedom in doing things. He does what he wants to do. I want to charge forward like this.

Do you have shared interests?

Jin: I wonder... Maybe our musicality is similar. I listen to all kinds of music with no regards to genre, so it's not a specific genre, but when I recommend a song to him that I like, Ueda also likes it.
Ueda: That's true. I often listen to traditional japanese rock, while Akanishi also listens to a lot of western music. I like most songs he recommends to me. We wrote the song "Butterfly" for our debut album together, and if we have the opportunity, I'd like us to work on a song together again.
Jin: Un. Last time, we adopted most of my ideas, so next time I'll try to hold back. *laughs* Then something new will emerge, I think that'll be interesting.

Do you spend private time together?

Ueda: We go out to a restaurant together, but we don't really spend time together with just the two of us. Recently, Nakamaru was with us too.
Jin: At that time, we went to a Hormonyakiya (hormon = broiled (pieces of) pig innards (on skewers)), the food was very tasty.
Ueda: The Motsu Nabe there is the best. You really feel great when you eat something great.
Jin: Let's go there again next time.

By the way, if the two of you should compare the other to an animal, what would that be?

Jin: Humans all most resemble apes, in the end. *laughs* Ah, but, Ueda is like a cat. His character and such. He always changes suddenly, even when you think that now you've got him figured out, you realize you haven't got him at all. That feeling reminds me of a cat.
Ueda: Akanishi is a wild pig! Because he's someone who charges straight forward.

Finally - please tell us a secret that only you know!

Ueda: U~n, what might that be!? Is there anything like that?
Jin: It's supposed to be a secret, isn't it, ah!! There is one, but... I can't say that. *laughs*
Ueda: Well, a secret is a secret after all.
Jin: Something like that, yeah. *laughs*
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