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[Fanfic] Palm trees, confessions and a banana

Title: Palm trees, confessions and a banana
Rating: G
Pairings: Too many XD
Genre: Crack, love.
Summary: All members of KAT-TUN, News, Arashi, Kanjani8 and Tackey & Tsubasa (including Johnny Kitagawa) are on a plane that are going to Hawaii. Suddenly the plane's engine stops working and the plane is crashing on a deserted island. Everyone survives (except the captain >:D) and they are now stuck on that island.. now everything can happen.

Yes this is like a johnnys version of the tv-serie "LOST". XD This is my first time writing a fic, and it'll probably contain a lot of english grammar mistakes, because I'm only 14 years old and I'm still learning english in school (my original language is swedish). This fic will mainly focuse on the KAT-TUN members, and please don't take this fic too seriously... I mean I came up with the idea when I was half asleep!
Yes that was all I wanted to say, now go and read the preview if you dare. :o

- Nani!?? Ueda's voice echoed in the plane.
- What's going on? said Jin that sat beside Ueda.
- I'm sure I packed underpants, but I can't find a single one now!
Kame that sat on the other side of Ueda started to laugh out loud.
- Oh shut up Kame, this isn't funny. Now I need to buy new underpants, but in Hawaii! Do they even have pants there?? said Ueda with a worried look.
Now it was Jin's turn to laugh out loud.
- Of course they have underpants in Hawaii, baka!
And then Johnny Kitagawa came to the seats where Ueda, Jin and Kame sat.
- Konbanwa Johnny-san, said Kame and smiled widely.
- Yo. I just wondered what's going on? Ueda-kun your voice even reached the cockpit! said Johnny.
- Err, I was just a little surprised, all my underpants are gone! said Ueda.
Johnny suddenly had a guilty look on his face.
- Eeeh!?? Johnny-san took Tat-chan's underpants? Jin shouted and started to laugh again.
- Yes, I sort of did. You know Ueda-kun, your pants are old-fashioned! You can't wear them if we are going to take photos in Hawaii! Johnny said with a serious look on his face.
- Eh? So then you have searched trough everyones bags just to see we have good-looking underpants!? said Ueda.
- Sort of, excuse me now, I have to take a cup of coffee. And I need to sit down, I'm an old man you know, Johnny said and went to his seat.
- He's really weird, Johnny-san, isn't he? Jin said to Ueda.

Suddenly the plane started to shake and Ueda hit his head in the table in front of him and passed out.
- Nooo, Tat-chan are you alright? Tat-chan!! Jin shouted.
Now the plane was moving in a high speed against the ground, they were going to crash!
- What's happening? Are we going to die? Kame shouted.
- I don't know, said Jin.
- If we are going to die I need to say something Jin, Kame said.
- Nani? Jin looked at Kame.
- I ... I... Love you!
Then there was darkness.

... to be continued ...

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