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Fanfic : When Have Is Done Chap 2

Title:   When have is done Chapitre 2
Author: Beauty_Akame
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Genre:  Drame, Romance
Pairing/Characters: Akame

I look at stars in the sky, a shooting star passes between stars, I make a wish hoping that it will be carried out

I observe the landscape which is offered to me, all is beautiful around me, all is if calm, if simple in so perfect accort, that I will be to ask me why I live and why I am here, I am an imperfect man, I am made with the idea that I do not have anything to make here... and I start has to think that it is true and that I will have to commit suicide.... I very lost... so only..... it could see me, oh Jin so only you could see how I am, at which point of suffers, why you do not hear to me not, I we will find with the studio, I will be badly around you, and I am afraid that everyone without sees and questions me, will not feel me able to answer them, I will be fixed on the spot awaiting a dead end where I will be able to slip to disappear.... Did Jin you say to me that you liked me, I believed you me, as me I loved you but the problem it is which I however have the impression that you to have me, you forgot me, erased your life, you should be able to be vis-a-vis with me, you will hide me quelquechose or not? You have fear of returning account to you that finally you still like me?

As a city which ignites
And that the wind viend ' to set ablaze,
All my heart burns and is consumed,
I am thirsty, oh! I am thirsty for a kiss.

I look at stars in the sky, a shooting star passes between stars, I make a wish hoping that it will be carried out

It makes late, I start to deaden me, without wanting of it, but will my eyes cannot remain open, they want to be clot, what I like to provide to do as much of it, any more you do not like and you hate, but it is difficult, that will never occur and even when I succeeded finally, it is necessary always that you smile me, that you pass very close to me to make me fall down in love with you.... you have this force that of me distabilized, to control me, but have I also this force on you?

Around me, I do not see any tarsus of life, I do not see anybody, just I hears songs of birds, singing in heart into perfect agreement, I think of you, when nosu sang as we were, like them in harmonious agreement, but maintaining this agreement is not any more the same one, it changed as we changed.... This evening I see all in black like all the other evenings, but that Ci even more than the others you liked me, in my life, my arms, I have make a wish, than you came to see me this evening, it is stupid I know but I need you, to discuss.... our history!

I lie on the bench, I need to lengthen me, to change position, I see this moon in the shape of circle, which disappears behind the cloud dark but which returns to clear up our nights, it fights, and when it is believed that it will disappear for good it is always there, I am fascinated by the moon, it me rapelle you....

I am alone I rub my eyelids
And I want almost to cry
It is necessary to go towards this light in the shade
It is a whole history to be told

I look at stars in the sky, a shooting star passes between stars, I make a wish hoping that it will be carried out

I hear somebody with far singing uen docue song, if mélodieuse, outgoing of his mouth in perfect agreement, I reconnait this voice, yes I recognize it but I am unaware of it, I think it just it is what I say myself.... I am unaware of it I test to erase it more to hear it, and I believe to have to erase it when soudaint this voice saisses not to sing but makes of it that to be increasingly present, I asseois look myself around me, realizing that a shade, is not very far from me, I think that it is impossible that that more than my imagination...I see it to approach, not I cannot face it, I do not have courage, to look at it opposite, I want that it moves away but nothing exauce, I see it better and better his soft face lit by stars, oh Jin how made you to be splendid in do not matter that they situations.... it is so large, if muscular, I am admiring, I tests to release my eyes of him, but I am captivated by his glance... it is deep and I put lose as all the time.... but its expresion is sad, what it suffered just like me from this separation.... is this possible, which it really likes me?

Your eyes are so deep that by leaning me for drinking
I saw all the suns coming there to be reflected
Your eyes are so deep that I lose the memory there
Eyes of Jin eyes of Jin eyes of Jin
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