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The thing about a fan community is that, after a few seconds u read the LATEST POST and thought that was all the update, Think Again. Visit the site again and bam! There lies a NEW UPDATE. [For just a FEW seconds u were away from the page] How ironic. Lol.

Anyways im here to post up Icons of the boys. The theme is black and white. Mite kudasai!

Erm, i do have a request though. I am looking for a Shonen Club Episode where Nakamaru is a new student in the school and is looking for a club to join. If ur not sure which episode, my icon has the part of the episode. So, if anyone has it, pls upload !! =)

PS: Rapidshare hates me, and sometimes MegaUpload too!

Icons: 6!

Junno is always SMILING. . . . *melts* =)
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