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[News] KAT-TUN in August Nittere CM Award

I've been spamming this comm recently, sorry if I hurt your friend page xP

We always talk about how we love KAT-TUN's CMs, that's why NTV (Nittere) is having a CM award in which KAT-TUN was nominated in all 3 categories. I think they have this award every single month? I don't quite get what it says, but these nominations are for August. All names are order according to Japanese aphabet (how do you call it? =o= )

1. CM section KAT-TUN has 2 nominations in this category

- NTTドコモ/携帯電話 >> NTT DoCoMo Cell Phones (the one which features SIGNAL)
- スカイパーフェクト・コミュニケーションズ/SKY PerfecTV! >> the soccer version of SKY PerfecTV!

2. Talent section (just the same as best actor/ actress in CM, I guess ^_^)
- 亀梨和也

>> KAT-TUN & Kame-chan, but they don't say which CM they're from.

3. CM's song section the best song in CM obviously

- KAT-TUN/オリジナル >> Edit This song has no name. "Original" is just something they put in ;P Wow

Official site: Nittere CM Award 2006
Credits: KAT-TUN Mania

Eh I forgot to mention, you can vote for them, gomen.

When you open that site, you can see they are divided into 3 categories right? Just click at the first button of a random CM, and it will lead you to a page which contain the information of that CM. Then click the bottom button, it will lead you to a page which contain all the nominations. Then you can choose up to 3 nominations each section to vote and then enter your email at the bottom of the page.
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