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A request and bribes

Hello all. I have a request as stated in the title. Anyways, I was hoping someone could upload the an mp3 version of "FREEZE" (by KAT-TUN obviously) since I don't know how to rip mp3s from videos... *sigh* I've been so addicted to this song. >_<

Bribe 01. [SC 2005.10.16] KAT-TUN - FREEZE.wmv Random: I don't like Akanishi's hair in this performance... >_< (Though Ueda looked really good. XD)
Bribe 02. [CM 2002] KAT-TUN - Lotte Crunky.mpeg
Bribe 03. [CM 2003] KAT-TUN - Lotte Crunky
Bribe 04. [CM 2003] KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X Red Berry & Green Apple
Bribe 05. [CM 2004] KAT-TUN - Lotte Crunky
Bribe 06. [CM 2004] KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X Blue Citrus
Bribe 07. [CM 2005] KAT-TUN - Lotte Crunky

Cracky CMs and the performance... if these are yours, tell me and I'll credit. 'Cause I seriously don't know and don't remember where I got these... >_<

[CM 2005.11.22] Team KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X - Ueda
[CM 2005.11.23] Team KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X - Jin
[CM 2005.11.25] Team KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X - Junno
[CM 2005.11.26] Team KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X - Koki and Maru
[CM 2005.11.27] Team KAT-TUN - Lotte PLUS X - Kame
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