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In Need of a Jin Gyration.

Hello everybody. I have a very peculiar-ish, specific request. Jin related, as you can see from my icon. 

I am looking for a performance in which our King of Hip Gyrations (aka Bakanishi) is gyrating like usual, starting off slowly, then he increases his speed (in gyrating), and then he actually physically moves on stage in a circle, so he's gyrating within gyrating. So like, as he turns a 360 degree, his hips are moving in circles.

I hope that made sense. I saw this in an animation at the Baka no Sakai and showed this to my friend and yeah. And now we want a copy of that performance or whatever.

And for those who do not know what "gyrating" means. I have attached a definition from the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

1. to turn around and around on a fixed point, usually quickly
2. to dance, especially in a sexual way:
A line of male dancers gyrated to the music while the audience screamed their appreciation.

 ROFL. The defintion of "gyrate" cracks me up too much.

Edit: Thank you to among_the_lost!! <333

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