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KAT-TUN to change their name temporarily?

Members Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki, and Nakamaru Yuichi of the popular group KAT-TUN announced that they will change their group name from KAT-TUN to “勝運 (pronounced as “Katsu-un”) on a limited basis for the duration of their performance of “Dream Boys” in Tokyo from September 3rd to September 25th. 

EDIT: Another translation added regarding the 'Katsu-un'

It was surprisingly announced at a recent press conference for the musical. Nakamaru stated, “I heard this when I came (to the theater) today.  I was surprised, but I wish we can expand our own strengths.” All this while Tanaka laughed bitterly and said “I have heard this name about ten years ago, and I see it was pushed out again.” 

Kamenashi stated positively that “The meaning of the name KAT-TUN is akin to reading manga (cartoon) – you read one page and you want to keep reading the next page and so on and so forth.  “勝運” has also been existed as a group name from the past and because it means a group that can win (=勝) in everything and has strong luck (=運), and we want to deliver this luck from the Imperial Garden Theater.”

Popular stars from Johnny’s have successively performed in this musical.  Kamenashi, this time in the role of Kazuya, showed his aspirations when he stated “I am happy that we can do this during the year of the Imperial Garden Theater’s 100 year anniversary.  From here on out, I want to send out smiles, bravery, and vigor.  I’m planning to have a new way of flying for the 100 year anniversary.”  Making a comeback on this stage after 3 years, Tanaka, in the role of Koki, spiritedly stated, “I want to take in the feelings and thoughts from what I felt as the audience, and make a good ‘champ’.  I want to show everyone my energy.”  Making his first return since 2004, Nakamaru, in the role of Yuichi, stated, “I also thought when I saw the performance as the audience, that the best part of this stage performance is an overflow of energy, so I want to express that.”  Still, regarding his own role, Nakamura laughed and stated that “It is the role of a mediator.  I mediate between 2 people who get angry easily (Kamenashi and Tanaka), but it is usually like that within the group, so I am used to it.

Last week, for the first time, all of the KAT-TUN members visited Fukushima prefecture which was the devastated area from the earthquake.  In the city of Koriyama, they had an official public broadcast on the radio and Tanaka powerfully stated that “In any case, I wish to deliver my sentiments.  From the Imperial Garden Theater, I want to transport luck, courage, and smiles.”  Also, regarding the cancellation of the outdoor concerts planned for the summer, Kamenashi made a statement for his fans, “I think there are many people who looked forward to the concerts.  Therefore, when the other members visit to see the stage performance, I would ask them to appear on this stage, as much as possible, so that the fans can see more of  ‘KAT-TUN.’”

Source: Oricon
Translation: simplymissj.tokyohive

And here's another version/translation regarding the name "Katsu-un" -

It has been reported the three members will be re-named the “勝運 (Sho-un or Katsu-un in this case, Good luck or Good fortune)” group during the show’s season, which will be in September.  Kamenashi said he was optimistic with their temporary name.

“The meaning of KAT-TUN is that, like a ‘cartoon’ (comic), things keep popping out that make you want to keep turning the pages to read what happens next.  The name ‘勝運 (sho-un, katsu-un)’ has been around for a while, and it means a group that’s blessed with good fortune, and overcome their challenges.  I hope we can generate some good luck from the Imperial Garden Theater,” he said

Speaking of flying, it has been reported even Nakamaru, who is scared of heights, showed an interest in the subject.

“Maybe I should try flying,” he said before he was interrupted by his fellow members who said, “we can’t imagine you flying”.

 Source: Oricon and TV Asahi
Translation: Momo-Edgewood

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