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[MOD] Tag Usage Descriptions

We were way overdue an update on the tag usage descriptions, but it's finally here. Please have a look through them so you know when to use what tag! Also there are a few new tags, so keep an eye out for those - in particular the 'tag help' tag, which should hopefully make tagging posts easier (just don't use it unnecessarily). So here we go:

Tag NameTag Descriptions
* ad: sales
  • Monthly posts in which you can advertise any KAT-TUN/Jin items that you want to sell.
* ad: sites/communities
  • New sites or communities related to KAT-TUN/Jin that you might be interested in.
* birthday posts
  • Each member will have an individual birthday post around the time of their birthday where you can post anything birthday related.
* charity/disaster relief
  • A place to post any advice/links relating to charities and disaster relief.
* chatroom party
  • Post advertising any planned chatroom parties.
* comm activities
  • Any activities the comm has planned (e.g. contests, projects or games etc.).
* fan directory
  • Information and updates regarding the fan directory.
* fanfic updates
  • Weekly posts with links to new fanfiction.
* intro post
  • Weekly posts introducing new members.
* mod post
  • Post regarding current affairs/politics in the community.
* petitions
  • Posts regarding an ongoing petitions we have been informed about.
* requests
  • Weekly request posts.
* rules
  • Posts regarding the current rules of the community, or any new rules to be introduced.
* ticket sales
  • Posts regarding tickets for sale for upcoming concerts or events featuring KAT-TUN/Jin.
- tag help
  • If you really don't know how to tag your post then you can use this tag to draw attention to it and I'll help you out.
  • Please don't abuse this tag - it will be removed if it's used unnecessarily.
archive: fanfiction drabbles
  • This tag is only for drabbles posted before we started the weekly updates.
archive: fanfiction one-shots
  • This tag is only for one-shots posted before we started the weekly updates.
discussion: fan meetups
  • For posts advertising or discussing fan meetups.
discussion: fandom info
  • Information or requests for information regarding contacting KAT-TUN/Jin (e.g. mail addresses for their fanclubs/radio shows.).
  • General discussions regarding fanclubs
  • Information or requests for information regarding the fandom in general.
discussion: general
  • General discussion on existing facts/material related to KAT-TUN/Jin.
  • Discussions about dramas/TV appearances.
  • Discussion about events that KAT-TUN/Jin are taking part in.
downloads: music
  • Post containing links to download music (e.g. albums/singles, audio rips, fan recorded audio etc.). Please refer to the rules before uploading official releases.
downloads: other
  • Posts containing links to anything else that can be downloaded, that is not covered by one of the other download tags (e.g. mood themes, ringtones etc.).
downloads: radio shows
  • Posts containing links to download radio shows hosted by or featuring KAT-TUN/Jin.
downloads: video
  • Posts containing links to download videos (e.g. PVs, TV shows, fancams etc.).
fan reports: concert
  • Personal reports of concerts by yourself or another fan (posted with their permission).
fan reports: other
  • Person reports by yourself or another fan (posted with their permission) of anything other than a concert (e.g. Johnny's event, personal encounter etc.).
fanfiction: masterlists
  • Masterlists for chaptered fanfiction (drabbles and one-shots should be posted in the fanfic updates posts only). Please refer to the rules regarding fanfiction before posting.
fanworks: art
  • Posts containing artwork (drawings, sketches etc.) by fans.
fanworks: other
  • Posts containing fanworks that aren't art or videos (e.g. ringtones, music box songs etc.)
fanworks: video
  • Posts containing fanvideos (e.g. video compilations, slideshows etc.)
graphics: icons
  • Pot containing Livejournal icons made by fans.
graphics: other
  • Posts containing fanmade graphics that are not icons or wallpapers (e.g. Livejournal layouts, macros etc.).
graphics: wallpapers
  • Posts containing desktop wallpapers made by fans.
lyrics: kanji
  • Posts containing lyrics in kanji.
lyrics: romanized
  • Posts containing romanized lyrics.
lyrics: translated
  • Posts containing translations of lyrics.
member (former): akanishi jin
  • Any post relating specifically to Akanishi Jin (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
member: group
  • Any post relating to the whole group - you don't need to tag the post with each individual member tag.
member: kamenashi kazuya
  • Any post relating specifically to Kamenashi Kazuya (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
member: nakamaru yuichi
  • Any post relating specifically to Nakamaru Yuichi (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
member: taguchi junnosuke
  • Any post relating specifically to Taguchi Junnosuke (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
member: tanaka koki
  • Any post relating specifically to Tanaka Koki (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
member: ueda tatsuya
  • Any post relating specifically to Ueda Tatsuya (and possibly other members) but not the whole group.
news & info: general
  • Official news regarding KAT-TUN/Jin.
  • News under this tag must have a source, from a reliable source (e.g. Johnny's Entertainment, some production company etc.) or have actual pictures/scans to prove it - tabloid scans are not credible.
news & info: jin's hiatus
  • News regarding Jin's October 2006 hiatus and his 2010 hiatus (right before he left the group).
news & info: rankings
  • News regarding KAT-TUN/Jin's rank in the official music charts.
news & info: releases
  • Official information regarding current or upcoming releases.
news & info: rumors
  • News regarding KAT-TUN/Jin that has not been made official by a reliable source.
  • If possible include the source of the rumor (e.g. a link to the page/site you found it, or a scan of the tabloid, etc.). Remember to ask permission before linking to other people's blogs.
pictures: general
  • Pictures of KAT-TUN/Jin, excluding magazine/shop photo scans.
  • Zip files containing general pictures also come under this tag.
pictures: screencaps
  • Screencaps from videos.
  • Zip files of screencaps should also come under this tag.
  • Pictures that have been scanned out of magazines/photobooks or scans of posters/shop photos. If you didn't scan them, please credit the original scanner if possible (if not, at least don't claim as your own.).
  • This tag refers to full scans only, if the image has been cropped, it is then considered a picture and not a scan.
  • Translations of magazine interviews/articles, J-webs or radio shows.
  • Soft subs of videos (please include a link to the video where possible).
video: cartoon kat-tun
  • Episodes/clips of the groups' talk show.
video: concerts
  • Videos of concerts either from official sources (DVD, DVD commercials) or fancams.
video: dramas
  • Drama episodes/specials that KAT-TUN/Jin are featured in.
  • Drama commercials and pre-show specials also come under this tag.
video: movies
  • Movies that KAT-TUN members/Jin are featured in.
  • Movie commercials and promos also come under this tag.
video: music shows
  • Music shows that KAT-TUN/Jin are featured in, both talks and performances can be posted under this tag (e.g. Music Station)
video: music videos
  • All music videos that have been officially recorded by KAT-TUN/Jin.
  • Making of's and DVD specials also come under this tag.
video: musicals
  • Musicals that KAT-TUN/Jin are featured in (e.g. Dream Boys, Shock etc.)
video: other
  • Video clips that do not belong in the other video categories (e.g. news reports, commercials etc.).
video: shounen club
  • Videos of KAT-TUN/Jin featuring on Shounen Club, either as Juniors or guests.
video: subtitled
  • Videos that have been subtitled in any language.
  • Please use this tag along with other applicable video tags.
video: talk & variety shows
  • Videos of KAT-TUN/Jin appearing on talk/variety shows (e.g. HEY! HEY! HEY! Utaban etc.).

  • Any tag with a * is really only for MOD use, please leave a comment in the relevant post if you have something you want to share.
  • Please use as many tags as are applicable.
  • If you have any questions, or the descriptions aren't clear enough, please let me know by commenting on this post.
Tags: * mod post

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    icons: 【15】Kamenashi Kazuya. 【15】Ueda Tatsuya. 【15】Nakamaru Yuichi. 【05】KAT-TUN. wallpapers: 【02】KAT-TUN. HERE @ MY LJ

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