Rachel (aicha) wrote in kattunlove,

[Selling] Myojo and Popolo - September 2006

Hello :). I hope it's alright to post this here, but I'm currently selling the September 2006 issues of both Myojo and Popolo via ebay. I've just returned from a trip to to Japan, where I was able to pick up various Johnny's goods, and I ended up with duplicates of these two magazines. Being idol magazines, they heavily feature the Johnny's boys--including KAT-TUN--so I thought they may be of interest to the members of this community. They do, of course, feature many photos and (Japanese) interviews with our favourite pretty boys. But I expect most of you will have seen scans of such magazines around here frequently, afterall! :P

I will gladly post worldwide, but I live in the UK--so this may be of particular interest to any British KAT-TUN/JE fans out there (why don't we have kinokuniya and such over here?!). If you wish to see more, scans of the insides of the magazines can probably be found at on various LJ communities (though I take no credit for any scans!).

The items can be found here. Thank you, and apologies for cluttering up the comm! :)
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