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[request] old videos

I made the same request at kame_daily yesterday but no one seemed to have it. In hopes that other fans that are not members of that community may have it, I post these requests here as well.

1) Does anyone have this YouTube vid? It's young KAT-TUN being interviewed by Hasegawa Jun. He asks them to vote on certain questions along the lines of "Which member is ___?" I know I could rip it straight out of YouTube but I would like a better quality, if it is available. I learned yesterday that it is from a Shounen Club episode.


2) Does anyone have that Hadaka no Shounen episode where Kame brought a turtle with him to the set?

I unfortunately cannot use Clubbox so could not search for them there. I can download through bittorrent if someone would rather point me to JPOPSUKI or some other tracker. I don't know the episode dates however.

I offered these pictures yesterday as some sort of compensation. ^_^;; Lame, I know, but as you can tell, I do not exactly have a great library of KAT-TUN clips. I download most of what I have from this community so you all likely already have everything that I do have.

Someone did ask for these clips yesterday. In case anybody else wants them:
Shounen Club [2005.10.16] - Jimmy Mackey, Yabu Kota, Kamenashi Kazuya & Imai Tsubasa's Short Talk - YSI link; 9.15 MB
Shounen Club [2004.11.21] - Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya & Imai Tsubasa's Short Talk - YSI link; 11.6 MB
Utawara [2006] - KAT-TUN, Takki & Tsubasa, and the hosts of Utawara's Talk - Sendspace link; 36 MB

I'm so sorry for the huge request. Thank you.
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