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[FIC] Love Me, Love Me Not + request

Title: Love Me, Love Me Not
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: JinDa, Akame, KamexJunno (what do you call this pair??)
Summary: Jin and Ueda are together but has Jin really let go of his past with Kame? And what will Junno do about his feelings towards Kame?

uhm, I fail at summaries so please read on!

Chapter 1: 20 Questions

Ueda Tatsuya and Taguchi Junnosuke got on well, or at least as well as band mates were expected to but they don't have the habit of hanging out after work. So Ueda was suitably surprised to find Taguchi waiting for him at the entrance of the building and inviting him out for a coffee.

"Ueda-kun, you have time for coffee? There's a really good place nearby."

Taguchi leaned against the wall and asked casually, with his mega-watt smile on as usual. Ueda wondered if he was just being too sensitive but it seemed to him that the warmth of that smile did not quite reach Taguchi's eyes.

Between recovering from the surprise of Taguchi asking him out and trying to second guess his intentions of doing so and thinking of a convincing excuse to turn down Taguchi, a good 30 seconds had already passed while Ueda looked down at the marbled floor for inspiration.

"Don't worry, it won't take long." Taguchi's tone was a lot more insistent this time round and he already had a hand on Ueda’s shoulder, patting reassuringly.

"Well, alright."

He shouldn't be reading so much into a simple talk over coffee; maybe Junno was just trying to be friendly.

Ueda glanced at his watch while walking towards the car park with Taguchi.


Jin will only be home at 8 anyway.


It was a small café round the street, tucked away in a forgotten corner amongst the tall concrete buildings. The air was thick with the aroma of coffee and Ueda found himself liking the relaxed atmosphere of the place, far away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. He made a mental note to bring Jin here next time. He could really use the relaxation. Ueda peered through the glass panels of the café, taking in the sights of the neighborhood while stirring his coffee absentmindedly.

"I hope you'll leave Jin."

Ueda's head snapped back to face Taguchi, who calmly lifted his cup of coffee and sipped from it.

What ... ?

A tense silence settled between them and neither one made an effort to break it. Taguchi seemed contented to sip on his coffee while Ueda's mind worked furiously to process what Taguchi just said.


"Is this for Kame?" Ueda looked straight at Taguchi, finally clear about his intentions.

"Is it that obvious?" Taguchi asked wryly as he rested the cup back onto the saucer gently, not making the slightest sound. He thought he masked his feelings well enough so that no one could tell his feelings for Kamenashi Kazuya were anything more than platonic.

"Let's just say I've been there," Ueda shrugged and continued, "But if you really like Kame, why are you asking me to leave Jin?"

"Because only Jin can make him happy." It wasn't something Taguchi liked to admit but he knew that only Jin could let Kame's eyes shine the way they once did.

"And if I leave Jin, they will get back together?"

"Well, you're the only thing standing between them." Taguchi stated matter-of-factly, as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

"They are the only ones who can decide to stay together or not." Ueda's voice was calm and steady, not betraying the heart that was beating a little too fast at the idea of Kame and Jin back together.

"You think Jin really loves you then? Not using you as a substitute?"

Taguchi's smile had long faded. He stared expectantly at Ueda, waiting for an answer to a question that had been weighing down on him for the longest time. A substitute, something lesser you settle on only because you couldn't have what you really wanted. It was almost a bad word to Taguchi.

Ueda reached for his still untouched cup of coffee and took a huge gulp, not because he was thirsty but because he needed a moment to collect his thoughts. Acks. He forgot the sugar. He made a face and dumped the cup back unceremoniously.

Ueda forced himself to look back at Taguchi instead of getting up and leaving.

"I believe him. I believe Jin when he says he's past Kame and wants to be with me." Ueda said it so firmly that he almost convinces himself.

Believe? Taguchi wasn't sure who or what to believe in. He can't even trust himself to make the right decisions any more.

"Junno ... I can't decide who Jin should be with. I can only decide for myself and I love Jin. I won't push him away when he says he wants to be with me. That's why I won't leave Jin. But, if one day he decides to leave me for Kame or anyone else, I won't be the one standing in his way."

"You'll let him hurt you like this?" Taguchi wonders why anyone in the world would expose himself to the slightest chance of getting hurt.

"You have your way of loving. I have mine."

Ueda gave one of his rare smiles as he said this but it was as bitter as the coffee he just had.

------ End of chapter 1 ------

A/N: 2nd fic I'm posting! It doesn't quite measure up to some of the great fics I've read but I hope you've enjoyed it. =) This chapter is supposed to be longer but the later half needs some more work so I shall keep the JinDa fluff for Chapter 2. For once I'm not burying everyone in angst. XD Anyone else for KamexJunno? I've always thought they look good together. Sorry to all Akame fans... I can't seem to help seperating them.

Let me know if you like/hate this, or how I can improve! I love comments!

Request: I'd like to request for the video of Ueda singing "Love in Snow" in concert. The one where he's wearing the feathery white outfit. Hope someone can upload for me by ysi. Bribe = fic? *points to above*
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