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[MOD] Fanfic Rules : UPDATE

Last week, I posted up this poll regarding fanfiction posting on the community. Thank you guys so much for responding! The results came out as:

Should members be allowed to post fanfiction?
[62%] Yes, we are 'KAT-TUN Love', fanfiction is a way of expressing that!

Should weekly chaptered fic updates continue to be posted?
[65%] Yes (as they are now)

Should oneshots and drabbles be posted in a weekly masterpost too?
[62%] Yes, it would de-clutter the community

The results are actually pretty close, but, as ever, it's a majority ruling, so that's what I'm going with :) So, from now on:
- Please continue to post multichapter fic updates in your comments to the weekly fic update post.

- Please do not post oneshots/drabbles/multichapter updates directly to the community. The only thing you can post relating to fanfiction is any chaptered fic masterlists you might have (seeing as we are the ones insisting you must have a masterlist, it only seems fair that we allow you to host it on the comm)

- Please post any oneshots/drabbles to your own journal/community (or to another fanfic comm like kattun_fanfics or jent_fanfics), then comment to the weekly fic update post with the link and details of the fic, just like you would do for chaptered fic updates. I'll then post all fic updates weekly in one single post.

There's also one more thing I'd like to ask you guys about!
Would you like us to allow advertisements for KAT-TUN-related fanfiction exchanges (such as fic_the_faith and kizuna_exchange)?
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