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Crack and Fluff Fic Dump

These are some of my older Crack and Fluff fics posted in kattun_fanfics and jent_fanfics .
Thought of sharing these here to lighten up the current grim mood.


TITLE : Cloud Nine (Akame/One-shot)
Summary : Jin is a famous Rock Star who was seated next to a gorgeous stranger too fashionably savvy to be an ordinary corporate guy. They seated next to each other and Jin found oud he was one of the heir of Kamenashi Corporation, a giant company in Japan. They were getting along fine when suddenly a turbulence occured....

TITLE : Love Calculator (AKAME / Drabble)
Summary : Jin found a site that could calculate love level base on partner full names. He tried his name with Kazu, and he was not happy with the findings.

TITLE : Love Equation (AKAME / One-shot)
Summary : Kame and Jin been walking on a very thin line between friends and more. But no one dare to take the plunge. But Jin finally get enough of the game and decided to make his move which was inspire by a comic strip in a magazine...

TITLE : Do you think I'm fat? (Akame / Drabble)
Summary : Ryo told Jin that he's fat.... Jin became insecure of himself.... 


TITLE : MEMO (One-shot)
Summary : Ryo could not believe that Kame had grown up beautifully. He believes the Memo announcing it had not been delivered to him.

Title : Exchange Gift (One-shot)
Summary : Johnny organized an exchange gift activity for the Idols (cross-group). Ryo doesn't want to participate. So that was his thought until a certain Kamenashi asked him to.


TITLE : Confessing to Kamenashi Kazuya (Pikame / One-shot)
Summary : Pi has always nursed a crush on Kame. He never got the guts to confess and decided to move on. But thanks to recent projects between him and Kame as well the countdown concert, Pi finally decided to let Kame know his real feelings. 


TITLE : Interrogation (drabble)
Summary : Ueda, Koki and Junno determined to find out the truth and they willing to go all the way for it.


Title : Shopping-pheromones.
Summary : Jun met Kame at a boutique and finds Kame so undeniably irresistible. Someone explained to him that it is because of the Shopping-pheromones…

Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots, member (former): akanishi jin, member: kamenashi kazuya, member: nakamaru yuichi

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