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I'm not sure is this been here, but I put it here 8DD
 I laught so much when I read this (IdolThoughts)

Could It have gone like this?
Guess what happened behind the scene when taking kissing photos of Kame and Jin? Well, here it is... the dialogue from the Myojo Official Homepage!

This month is said that 'kissing will have happiness coming'' that one sentence and Kame and Jin with the Camera man.
Camera-man: So, Both of you kiss each other
Kame & Jin: I CAN'T DO THAT (at the same time)
Reporter: Come on!
Jin: Stupid, stupid, stupid! We'll have another rumor about me and Kame being gay! Anyways...
Kame: Anyways, we're standing in the middle of a public area! Of course we'll be looked weirdly!
(The place they have come to take photos is Shibuya nearby a train station)

Camera-man: Shut up! Come on! Just put your face near each other is fine!
Kame: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... okok!! Jin, let's do it so we'll get over with!
Jin: o.. ok!

Finally, Kame pretended to kiss Jin but just close to Jin's cheek....
Jin: Uwaaaaaaaaaaa..... I just felt Kame's breath on my cheek now....
Kame: Don't say it like that! It's disgusting!
Jin: I'm more disgusted! I wouldn't mind doing this in a drama when I'm acting but, not....
Reporter: Just think that you're in a drama now then!
Kame & Jin: IT'S NOT EVEN A DRAMA! (again, Kame & Jin said at the same time)
Camera-man: Shut up! Hurry up! Do it!
Kame: okok.....
Jin: .... don't come so close to me
Kame: Because of this... there would be more rumors about us on the Internet.. ><
Jin: ... really really bad
(Also because of the heat from the sun, Jin's face was all red)

Kame: Oh my! So Red! Jin Kuuuuuuuunn~~
Jin: really bad saying...
Camera-man: ok, so now this time the other way around. Jin, kiss Kame!
Kame: Huh?!?!? nononononononono. can't can't can't can't!
Jin: we're still doing this?
Camera-man: Hurry up!
Jin: Hey, who wants to see us kissing each other?
Camera-man: Me, it's me. I like these things!
Kame: Camera-man.... (sigh)

So now, Jin kissing Kame! But, Jin putting his face near Kame results to...
Kame: I CAN'T!!! (jumps off to the road. becareful Kame)
Jin: ......
Camera-man: Shut up! Hurrryyyyy uppp~~
(Finally the Jin kissing Kame photo was taken...)

Kame: Wahhhhhhhhhhh..... I can feel Jin's breath.... Nononononononononono!!!!!
Reporter: CHANGE OVER!!
(This is how the taking of photos were like.... )

Kame & Jin: Oh my god, this is the only and last time I am doing this....

Enjoy! 8)))
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