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[fic] Pretend

Title: Pretend
Author: dark_n_silence
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Can you at least pretend to love me?"
Notes: I don't know where this came from. I had this idea last night, but it wasn't Akame when I first thought of it. It was originally Jin and Ueda. ._. As I thought about it, the more and more I wanted it to be Jin and Kame. So here it is. 

Kame knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help it.

There was just something about him that made him attractive; whether it was the good looks, the talent for singing and dancing, or the cute baka side that showed through sometimes, Kame didn’t know. Probably some combination of the three.

Kame knew he shouldn’t love Jin, but he couldn’t help it.


It was another day of practice. KAT-TUN’s new PV was coming out soon, and they had to learn all the dance steps. Five of them had it down to a science—their practice half-hearted, as if they didn’t care—but the sixth…

“Jeez, Kame, space much?” Koki said, as Kame took a step the wrong way and bumped into him.

“Oh, gomen,” Kame apologized. He hadn’t been paying attention to the dancing, more like the person dancing to his left.

“What’s up with you? You’ve not been yourself lately,” Ueda commented.

“I’ve just…got a lot on my mind,” Kame offered as an excuse. “It’s nothing, really. Come on, let’s finish practice.”

The rest looked at each other and shrugged. Resuming their positions, the practice continued.


After practice was finished, the members of KAT-TUN left the room one by one. On his way out, Ueda, the ever-observant one, nudged Kame and nodded his head in Jin’s direction.

“Go talk to him about it.”

Kame looked up at Ueda. “Wha…? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

If Ueda could have sweatdropped, he would have. “Don’t try to pull that on me. I’m not an idiot. I see you oogling Akanishi every chance you get. That’s why you’ve been screwing up in practice lately.”

Kame sighed. “Ok. Maybe that’s the reason. And if you’re wrong…?”

“Seriously, Kame, when am I ever wrong?”

“What about that time--?”

“IRRELEVANT. The point is, go tell Jin you like him.”

“I can’t. I’m afraid of what’ll happen if he doesn’t like me back.”

“Oh, grow some balls for once, kid. It’s not the end of the world, you know.” And with that last uncharacteristic line from Ueda, KAT-TUN’s leader walked out of the room.

Now, it was just Jin and Kame in the room.

Kame looked over at Jin, who was bent over retrieving his stuff that had been carelessly thrown in the corner. From that angle, Kame had a perfect view of his ass, and he blushed.

Slowly, Kame walked over to him, just as Jin stood up and turned around. “Oh, Kame, you still here? I thought everyone left already.”

“Um, yea, they did. I haven’t yet, though,” Kame said. Ueda’s last sentence kept ringing through his mind.

“I…I wanted to…talk to you….about something…” Kame hesitated in his words.

“Sure thing. Hey, do you mind if I come over tonight? I haven’t had a chance to find a new apartment yet after the fangirls broke into the last one,” Jin replied.

Kame shook his head, inwardly cursing himself. Why was this so damned difficult? “Sure, come on.” With that, the two left the room and got into Kame’s car, heading back to Kame’s apartment.


Kame was fairly sure he’d never been this nervous in his life--not even that time when he got pantsed in elementary school in front of all the girls could compare. Kame and Jin were now sitting in Kame’s living room; Jin trying to decide which movie to watch, Kame wishing he could just disappear.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” Jin said after a couple minutes of channel-surfing.

Kame was almost hoping he wouldn’t remember. He stood up quickly. “I…you want something to drink or something?”

“Yea, sure, whatever you got is fine.” Jin smiled at the younger boy.

Kame hurried into the kitchen and tried to catch his breath. Come ON, Kamenashi, you can DO this. Don’t let it scare you.

The one thing that terrified Kame was one time, Jin—after some teasing from Maru and Koki about Kame and Jin’s latest photoshoot together, which included being half naked and holding each other like lovers—had flat-out told all the members of KAT-TUN that he wasn’t gay—not even bisexual. Kame had decided then and there to carry his secret to the grave.

Damn you, Ueda Tatsuya. Damn you, Akanishi Jin. Damn you all!

It was then that Kame remembered that Jin was probably wondering what was taking him so long. He grabbed a couple sodas from the fridge and starting heading back to the living room.

It all happened in the space of 5 seconds.

Jin, sick of waiting and wondering what the hell Kame was getting up to, decided to walk in to the kitchen at the same time that Kame had decided to walk out. The resulting crash into each other sent them both to the floor, Jin landing atop Kame.

Kame blushed, and was fairly certain he’d squeaked too.

“Oh shit, Kame, I didn’t mean that. You ok?” Jin said in a rush.

“Yea, I’m fine,” Kame said. If only you would get off me.

But Jin wasn’t moving. “…There’s something bothering you, isn’t there?”

Oh great. Jin had to choose now to be worried about him? He couldn’t wait until a time when Kame wasn’t pinned down and could think straight?

“It’s nothing, Jin, really.”

“I don’t believe you. I’m not letting you up until you tell me either. As your best friend, I have a right to know.”

Best friend.

Kame felt like he was standing on the edge of the cliff, and he had two choices—either he could turn around and run away, which seemed like the easier choice, or he could jump.

Kame chose to take the jump.

He leaned up and kissed Jin quickly on the mouth. Needless to say, Jin was surprised by this unexpected happening.

“I couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry. You probably hate me right now, don’t you? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I mean, you did say you didn’t like guys and all.” Kame was rambling now, but he didn’t care.

Jin wasn’t talking. Kame didn’t know whether to feel relieved or frightened by the silence.

“But…” Kame gulped. “I know you don’t love me, but…can I ask, as a favor…for one night, could you pretend to love me like I love you?”

Jin was still silent. Kame weighed his chances—Jin was in a state of shock now, so he could probably flip him off and run to his room. Or he could lay here, waiting to hear Jin tell him that he hated him, and what the hell was he thinking. Or he could just concentrate on trying to disappear and maybe he actually would. Or…

Or Jin could kiss him. That might work too.

Kame’s brain officially began it’s ‘wtf’ phase. He definitely wasn’t expecting Jin to comply with his request.

Kame kissed Jin back hungrily, trying to convey through it just how much he cared about Jin. The older one, still pinning Kame to the floor, began to gyrate his hips in a suggestion of what was to come.

Those dancing skills really come in handy, Kame noted randomly.

*insert scene of Akame smut of which I am not good at writing x_X*

When Kame woke up in the morning, Jin was gone. Kame hadn’t expected anything different—it wasn’t like the other had confessed his undying love during their time together last night.

Kame sighed and sat up, checking the clock. He panicked.

“Practice starts in 15 minutes! Damnit, why didn’t that bastard at least have the decency to wake me up in time?!”

Kame rushed around his apartment for a change of clothes to wear. Checking to make sure he had money, his phone, and other essential items like that, he ran to the front door…

…and stopped short at the sight of a piece of paper taped to it.

It was a note from Jin.

Kame tore it from the door and read it quickly:


Had some things to do this morning, sorry for not waking you. Don’t be late for practice.


Kame dropped the note, thinking he’d pick it up later when he wasn’t in such a rush, but then he noticed what was written on the back of the note. And after he’d read the five words there, his smile brightened and he hurried to the studio…and Jin.

I don’t have to pretend.

Comments appreciated. I think my style is a little weird. :/ Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read. ^-^

~Racchan desu

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