Red West Manon (manonpikamishi) wrote in kattunlove,
Red West Manon

Ok so since some people have ipods, and LJ winterspel gave me the idea of uploading converted ipod files, i wonder if anyone would be interested in me uploading HARDSUBBED and M4V CONVERTED versions of Nobuta wo Produce and maybe later Gokusen 2 for their ipoooddd(cuz not everything is hardsubbed like HYD and gokusen 1...unfortunately). I don't know about you, but i watch dramas on my ipod, and when i watch them, i like to have subtitles so i can understand whats going on(um...tho they might be smallish) However, in order to have subs, you gotta burn them, and then convert them blah blah and i know that takes a lot of time, but since i've already done it, i might as well save some time for all of if anyone is interested you have to let me know plleease cuz uploading is the pits and i don't want to do it for nothing. XD

warning: the nobuta wo produce files for some reason may not open outside of your itunes library! (gomen gomen)

edit: well ok apparently gokusen ep 1-4 is hardsubbed :) thanks hopeless_childe
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