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Translation UTABAN 20.07.2006

As requested by rikayla here's the translation for UTABAN 20.07.2006

EDIT: N stands for Nakai Masahiro (thanks to linhkawaii and T for Ishibashi Takaaki (thanks to imwahyou)

N: KAT-TUN IMAGE quiz! Please press the button belonging to the person that you instinctively think matches our question. We'll expose the inner-selves according to everyone's instinct. So, let's start! (sorry, this came out really awkwardly phrased. I hope you get what I mean? :sweatdrops:)

T: Which one of them is most different in the inside from what they appear to be on the outside? (quoting kissandcry)

Kame got one vote (from Junno) and Junno 'wins' with 5 votes!

N: Why is it like that? Are you surprised?

Junno: Because I'm AB type.

T: This isn't some party! Why does everyone feel it's him? Everyone should also have a bit of this trait. The other members should also be something like this?

Maru: There was once during the musical (of Dream Boys I suppose?), there was a scene where we did not need to perform. During the part where Taguchi was performing, we suddenly thought of joining in.

N: Wasn't it good? It was already the last day

Maru: At that time, Taguchi also seem to have the feeling of welcoming us to join in.

N: It's spontaneous.

Maru: And we didn't know where to stand.

N: Something like where better to stand.

Maru: Yes, so under such confused conditions, Ueda and I made a mistake. Nevertheless, we were still performing very happily. When we sang the "YAYAYA" part, this fella suddenly said "You guys are really of not much use!"

N: What's your (tolerance) limit?

Junno: Yes, there is a limit. If that line is crossed, there'll be trouble.

N: What was the most intense argument to have occurred?

Koki: This guy immediately knelt down! That time when he quarreled with Akanishi, he (knelt) to Akanishi.

N: What was the reason for the quarrel?

Maru: The stress had been building up during that period of time ...

Jin: I was really angry

(switch is on!)

Junno: After that incident, we still had about a month of performance to go and I thought things could get pretty troublesome, so it's better to apologize and get over it.

Jin: Now! Now! The 'switch' for not speaking what he really thinks is on!

(switch is off.)

Junno: (laughing) Hai, hai.

T: Ok, next question. Who pays the most attention to the camera?

Once again, Kame gets one vote (from Jin I suppose) and Jin wins with 5 votes.

Jin: Eh? Can't be true...

Jin: But it's understandable

N: You think so too? That this conclusion is right.

Jin: But when you're singing, it's something that you'll notice right?

N: Won't you sometimes see wrongly (Does he mean look in the wrong direction? Not too sure about this part.)

T: But isn't this good? Everyone doing together.

N: Then when you're singing sad songs don't you feel shy?

Koki: When I want to bring out the 'tranquil' feeling of the song, I feel embarrassed (when looking at the camera)

N: I also look at the camera even while feeling embarrassed. (He demonstrates his point)

T: Ok, next question. Here it comes! If you are a woman, you will not want to date this person.

Jin, Ueda, Maru both get one vote each. Koki wins with 3 votes!

N: What a pity! But then again, who would want to date someone with loans to repay? (Koki mentioned taking out a house loan or something when they went on Utaban previously? The one where he wanted to win a washing machine but got a wash basin instead)

Koki: (Girls or KAT-UN?? XD) all want to lead a more comfortable life.

Clip found here


I'm not translating the magic trick and sumo parts because I think it's funny and understandable even without knowing what exactly they said.

But in case anyone didn't catch Jin Ueda being baka during the magic trick ...

KAT-TUN was supposed to guess under which card (Ace clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades) the coin was going to turn up.

Maru: (pointing to Ace of spades) it's this one right?

Jin: Ace, I think it's Ace. EDIT: Seems like Jin was the one who said it but the hand belonged to Ueda right??

Koki: What are you talking about?? They're all Ace!

Ueda had this look of utter confusion which is SO kawaii!!!

Clip found here

Updated with translation of the sumo wrestling part!

EDIT: Sumo wrestling part. I'm jumping straight to the start of the match. Rie-chan is the wrestler. I also have some trouble figuring out who said what because of the camera angle and the grainy youtube vid didn't help. So pardon the ???!

N: So let's start. We'll start with Taguchi. Please!

T: We're starting! Ready... start!

Junno gets thrown on the floor and Rie-chan is declared the winner!

Taguchi defeated in 6.1 seconds.

?: You're not doing this seriously

Junno: Can't move!

N: From the left side, thrown out from the left side.

?: You gotta do this properly!

Junno: I AM doing it properly!

Jin: Should be able to win under general circumstances! (You have to eat your words later Jin!)

T: So who's next?

N: Never mind about Taguchi then, you can still get the prizes if the 5 of you win.

Maru takes his place. Nakai walks over to Rie-chan.

N: Does Rie-chan have someone you like?

Rie: It's Nakai-kun :heart: XDDD

T: I must tell this to everyone, Rie-chan is the reactor of TBS (I must be missing something because everyone seems terribly amused but I don't get it.) There are quite a few uncles interested in Rie-chan! Ok, let’s start! Ready ... start!

Maru gets tripped out of the ring.

Nakamaru defeated in 6.9 seconds.

Junno: Ne! (i.e. see, I told you!)

Maru: Absolutely can't be done! There's absolutely no way!

Koki: Since she's has won 10 consecutive champions, if only one of us win...

N + T: Ok, then 2 persons.

N: If 2 out of the remaining 4 wins, it will still do.

The next person is decided on Kame.

N: Ok, it's starting Kame.

T: Starting! Starting!

N: Kamenashi plays baseball right? You play pretty well.

Maru: *to Kame* (Rie-chan?) is moving! She's really powerful.

Rie: ufufu :heart: kowai (scary) : heart :

N: Wait a minute! You've become nervous have you? Rie-chan, wait a minute Rie-chan! What is wrong with you? Don't let your resolve be shaken by Kamenashi!

T: Even if this is the case, we have to decide who wins or loses today!

N: Ok, it's starting Kamenashi!

T: Starting! Starting! Ready ... start!

Koki: Why is the manner of holding different?? (with Junno and Maru she grabbed their upper arms)

N: Wait a minute!! Rie-chan, you're only holding on to the hand!

The match resumes.

T: Ready ... start!

Koki? : Use your head! Kame use your head!

N: Wait a minute!! Why are you only grabbing the hand?? Rie is very sly!!

T: Honestly speaking Kamenashi, you can head-butt her chest, for a victory.

Koki: You must win, Kamenashi!

T: Start!

AT-TUN cheers Kame on but he still lost.

Kamenashi defeated in 9.8 seconds.

N: Kamenashi, you were still going around in circles

Koki?: wait a minute, Kamenashi seems to have gotten better treatment! Only he wasn't thrown out.

T: Ok, who's next?

N: The participant on the left seems to know boxing.

It's Ueda's turn.

T: Ready ... start!

Ueda shocks everyone by jumping onto Rie and he's promptly slammed onto the floor. XDDD

Ueda defeated in 2.8 seconds.

Koki: You should get the rules of sumo wrestling straight!

(Ueda looked kinda dazed. lol ... *hugs Ueda*)

T: Rie-chan has won consecutively! 2 more left.

N: Can't lose any more!

Jin walks out and gets into the ring.

Maru: Akanishi is really strong!

Junno: He'll definitely win.

Jin: I'll definitely win!

Maru: Because he trains his muscles

Takaaki goes and pokes Jin's chest! The sound effect is hilarious.

T: Very firm.

N: Will definitely win. All you need is a normal victory. After you win, if Koki also wins the next match, you all can have all the prizes!

? : The other party (Rie) is already tired.

T: Ready...start!

Rie charged towards Jin and pushed ... and Jin is out of the ring.

Akanishi defeated in 1.7 seconds.

Maru: oi oi!

?: Sugoi, one strike was all it took!

N: He was slightly pushed and ‘bang’ … (Nakai’s expression here is so funny)

Koki?: No more fighting spirit … Don't lose your fighting spirit!!

Jin: Now we'll do this again seriously.

T: Just now there was a ‘pu cha’ sound, a really strong bump.

N: It should hurt a little right

T: We're starting!

Jin: I'll win!

T: Ready … start!

Jin is swiftly thrown onto the floor by Rie.

Akanishi defeated in 1.6 seconds. (Even quicker than the first time!)

Maru?: Akanishi! To think I had such high expectations! So lousy!

Koki: Just to check, if I win do we still get the prizes?

N: If you win, we'll give you all the prizes!

Koki starts getting ready.

N: It can also help reduce some of your family debt!

Koki: yatta! (hahaha, he's really pumped up for the match)

T: Ready ...

Koki puts his palms together (and did he say onegai to Rie?)

N: Don't say onegai! That's an apology. Apologize after you win.

T: Ready .. start!

Koki gets ‘twirled’ round the ring a few times but he hangs on.

Koki: Seems like we're getting serious here!

Koki gets swung around again and is thrown out of the ring. He lands pretty hard!

Tanaka defeated in 12.7 seconds

N: Ah, what a pity. It's over.

Clip found here

Other translations that I've done can be found in my LJ's memories! =)
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