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[Pics] Pouting Kame.....

Lovely Kazuya.....

Hello Minna! I'm a new KAT-TUN fan (starting to like them 2 months ago) and I had been watching all the KAT-TUN LJ community for so long and I can say that you guys are awesome. I'm a number one Kazuya fan but sometimes my heart can also shift to Jin because both of them are so damn hot.

Recently I realized something about Kame. He loves to pout his lips in pictures. I don't know if anybody had highlighted this or not, but from my collection of gazillions of his pictures, I found out that he loves to pout in pictures. I don't know if this is his habit or not. But if Jin loves to show his tongue to us, Kame loves to do his sexy pout. I guess may be it is his trademark after all. I decided to make a wallpaper from all his pouting pics in my collection. I'm so sorry for the crappy quality of the wallpaper because I'm not good in Photoshop. So, here it is :

Not only he loves to pout to us, but he also loves doing it to Jin too!!! (this is specially for the Akame lovers because I'm one of them too)

Jin is such a lucky guy neeee... I would faint if Kame do his sexy pout in front of me.

And so there is. Sorry for the pointlessness of this post. I actually just want to show my lovely Kame's habit of pouting his lips because I found that not a lot of guys would do that in pictures. And I found it amusing because Kame is so lovable.

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