Mer (cerisier) wrote in kattunlove,

A question/proposition

So I was wondering, are any of the much-appreciated fansub groups currently subbing Dream Boys 2006, or planning on doing so in the near future? Because if not, I was thinking of at least doing the translation myself. I'm assuming there would be interest, yes? :D If anyone wanted to collaborate that would be super, too, as it's very long. I'm open to anything! Buuuut I don't want to take someone else's project or anything like that, so please do let me know if it's in the works somewhere. And for the record I'm only talking about the translation - I have zero experience with timing or anything else related to fansubbing.

So... thoughts? Comments? Polite notifications that a subbed version I missed out on is floating around a clubbox somewhere? Hit me up, y'all.
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